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Sample essay on Debate About Marijuana

By Mary Chambers

Everybody knows that smoking marijuana is very dangerous for people’s health. But at the same time many people smoke marijuana and can not get rid of this wrecking habit. And some of them just do not realize it its disastrous influence on their organisms. A great number of smokers are young people. But all the strata of society do that. So, it is very important to inform people about the fatal consequences of smoking marijuana. In preparing a speech about the dangers of smoking marijuana there should be different strategies employed when presenting the information to different audiences; one should analyze the audience from the point of view of its needs, expectations, and interests (Laskowski, 1996).

debate-on-marijuanaTo the fifth-graders one should say that smoking affects their future because if they smoke marijuana they will not be able to finish school well. In such a case they will have no opportunity to enter college and, as a result, will not be able to get a good job and provide themselves with a proper income level necessary for living. Surely, words and examples to explain this will be much simpler, but the information stays the same.

For college freshmen it will be reasonable to use some other arguments, such as family, and children. I believe these arguments will be more convincing for students and people of middle age because they are future or present mothers and fathers. So, it is very important to tell them that smoking can be dangerous for their future babies’ health. Smoking can cause different diseases and some of them are deathly.

The best argument for an audience of a retirement community which can have an effect on them is their health. As everybody knows, health affects all the spheres of life. They should know that smoking can destroy their lives. It causes cancer of lungs and other dangerous deceases. People of all ages should choose what they prefer: happy life with family and good job, or several hours ‘on high’…..

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