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Sample essay on Condotel Development

By Nancy McNally

It is currently reported that in California people are worried by the towering risk of being left without a favourite place of relaxation of average American families – a coastal area with fresh air, warm sand and gentle breeze. This land has been recently cleaned, stripping a great territory for building possibly the best future real state investment edifices – condotels.

condotel developmentThe idea is not completely new, but lately it was given a stimulus by the growing number of potential buyers. Condotels have gained their popularity in recent years. A real estate boom caused evergrowing demand for luxury apartments that could satisfy all exquisite needs and necessities of the brand new type of buyers who were not used to save money on comfort. In California the building of condotels all along the beaches was criticized a lot for as the developers have been industriously evading the law that protects public access to the beaches and all the coastal area.

A condotel is an unusual type of residential building. Generally it combines condominium and a hotel, taking the best from both of them. Condotel (or condo hotel) possesses the strongest points of condominium, providing comfortable and posh habitation, and takes the most distinctive features of a hotel – the owner is provided with all the service that one can use living in a hotel. Living in the condotel differs from living in a rented house or owing other type of property, it can be even cheaper to live in the condo hotel than in any other place. Moreover, a condotel owner doesn’t have to solve essential everyday problems; they are usually solved by the condotel community that equalizes in rights everyone who lives in the condo hotel. Community decision-making can be very useful while solving vexed questions that concern everyone. But the same community decision-making often prohibits keeping a domestic animal, and one can hardly allow himself to have a barbeque party outdoors.

The difference between a condotel and a hotel is in the number of the owners: while there is only one owner of the hotel (individual or corporate), there are as many owners in the condo hotel as there are rooms in the whole building. And the difference between a condotel and a usual residence is that a condominium is not usually sold as a primary residence, it’s much more likely to become a second, a third or a fourth home for the owner. Moreover, the owner is not allowed to stay in the hotel all year round, he usually lives in the condo hotel for a couple of months, during his vacations or a little period of time. And this substantial feature makes the work of the management staff very specific…

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