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Sample Essay on The Quality And IT Service

By Brenda Evenson

Every organization that relies on IT will inevitably come upon the situation when normal business experience incidents may result in disruption of fluent business process. In order to become an expert in dealing with such situations many organizations make their best to develop new competent processes able to deal in appropriate manner with the inflow of IT incidents. The main problem that is faced by the Directors board is the fact that these kind of situations force the company management to deal, or better say, recover from constantly occurring incidents rather than dealing with root causes of the incidents. The occurrence of such incidents may lead to increase of customer dissatisfaction and significantly decrease the cost-effectiveness of the Service Desk.

quality and it servicesIn the case described in this paper we have to deal with elaboration of the IT Technologies Company. The company has to make a very important decision as to outsourcing of its IT Services. In this case no less important role plays the elaboration of key management facilities. One should also take into account the profile of the company. In the case with Start Company we are dealing with the company that currently delivers a stable, good quality (several ISO and Governance accreditations) but costly IT Service. The company is also known as the provider of a large number high quality, high value digital products that are associated telephone technical support. The company has approximately 20,000 customers who place orders through its own call centre (45 staff and associated hardware and software). The company has good prospects for future due to the increasing number of potential clients. Right now it places approximately 40000(increasing) customers who place orders on line via the web. A complex WAN (125 nodes) and LAN (3000 nodes with 40 servers) facility supporting the company’s production, distribution and administration operations. An IT support function employs 12 people with help desks. The company also has approximately 30 IT Service management professionals and 40 development staff. The organization has 35 locations for production, distribution and administration. The main IT systems run off of a bank of powerful servers with back up, continuity, standby, disaster contingency well proven. The company is coming under increasing pressure from lower cost competitors and must therefore explore all opportunities to reduce costs.


Meeting of today’s complex challenges is impossible without refocusing of the core business activities. And one way to do this to conduct outsourcing non-core business functions to acknowledged experts. In simple terms it means that we are going to transfer of delivery responsibility for certain functions some external organization. The that outsourcers its activities still takes control of them, but, along with that, great responsibility is lies upon outsourcing company that take responsibility to make the job outsourced to be done at the proper service levels and within cost and time budgets….