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There exist various ways to set a computer network. If two PCs are to be linked, this may be done by means of Serial ports (so called Nullmodem), Parallel ports, or USB-to-USB cable. Though it will not be a full-function local area network (LAN), some network tasks will be solved.

Various Way to Set A Computer NetworkLAN are divided by materials they are made of. The following variants may be used – a coaxial cable, a twisted pair, RadioEthernet (radio waves act as a signal carrier), fibre-optical cable. In order for a PC to work in such networks it should be equipped with corresponding network interface cards (NIC).

We will take a look at a network based on a twisted pair (Ethernet 10/100Base-T) as it is rather cheap, effective, and wide-spread. Besides, most of the computers are equipped with Ethernet 10/100Base-T network interface cards. In case a PC has no such card, it should be bought and installed.

If two PCs are to be linked, 2 RJ45 male connectors will be needed together with a twisted pair cable, RJ45 crimping tool, and assembly trays in which the cable will be placed. The twisted pair cable consists of 4 pairs of wires (Orange-White/Orange, Green-White/Green, Blue-White/Blue, Brown-White/Brown) in one jacket. By means of the RJ45 crimping tool we crimp the cable as shown in the table. This type of crimping is called Crossover and is used to connect the computers directly.






TX+ (BI_DA+) 1 White/Orange 3 RX+ (BI_DB+)
TX- (BI_DA-) 2 Orange 6 RX- (BI_DB-)
RX+ (BI_DB+) 3 White/Green 1 TX+ (BI_DA+)
- (BI_DC+) 4 Blue 7 - (BI_DD+)
- (BI_DC-) 5 White/Blue 8 - (BI_DD-)
RX- (BI_DB-) 6 Green 2 TX- (BI_DA-)
- (BI_DD+) 7 White/Brown 4 - (BI_DC+)
- (BI_DD-) 8 Brown 5 - (BI_DC-)

This means that the white/orange wire should link the first pin of the first NIC with the third pin of the second NIC and so on.

The computers get linked by the given cable via the RJ45 female connectors on the NIC. In order to adjust the PC settings (for Windows XP), we open the properties of “Network neighborhood”, then – properties of “Local Area Connection”. The TCP/IP protocol, “File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks”, and “Client for Microsoft Networks” should be installed here.

In properties of TCP/IP protocol we set the Subnet Mask similar for both computers (e.g., the IP-address should be different in only last numeral (e.g. for the first PC and for the second). Besides, in the properties of My computer we Change Computer Name in order for the “Workgroup” field to be similar for both PCs, for example “MyWorkGroup”.

If more than two PCs should be linked, a Hub or Switch should be used. The cables to connect each PC to Switch/Hub should be crimped according to the following scheme (Straight):



Hub/Switch port

1 White/Orange 1
2 Orange 2
3 White/Green 3
4 Blue 4
5 White/Blue 5
6 Green 6
7 White/Brown 7
8 Brown 8

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