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What is a 500 Word Essay?

500 Word Essay Writing Help

500 Word Essay Writing Help

‘500’ must be a very familiar number to many students. Often, the Essays students are given are required to be completed in 500 words. This restriction is necessary to ensure that students are properly focused on the essay subject and that they can work under provided limitations. The assignment also gives valuable experience in how to write an essay and effectively communicate ideas, a useful skill. However, such restrictions can create confusion to students. How best to write the essay? How best to allocate words to the ideas and the various parts of the 500 word essay? How best to communicate the ideas in 500 words? What should I do if I have only very few or way too much information? How do I elaborate or decide which information should be filtered in such cases? These general questions put the students in a dilemma. You can put a stop to all of your concerns now. You are at the right hands of the network of academic writers of CustomEssayPapers.com.

What Your 500 Word Essay Should Consist of

A 500 word essay should be, like other essays, divided into introduction, body and conclusion.

You can have one paragraph of introduction, three body paragraphs and one paragraph of conclusion, i.e. five paragraphs in total. You can allot 100 words approximately to each paragraph. Each of the paragraphs should have their own foundation. The introduction should set a way, each of the body paragraphs should deal with separate ideas or supportive evidences, while the conclusion should appropriately close the essay by reinforcing the points you made in the body paragraphs.

Things to Remember When Writing a 500 Word Essay

You should ensure that the following ideas are duly embraced in the essay:

  • The depth – You obviously cannot go into the depth of an issue in 500 words. However, you should try to incorporate whatever you learned, even if you did not carry out extensive research. Just ask yourself: have you succeeded in communicating the ideas that you wanted to?
  • Seriousness – Just a little seriousness is all that you need to create a successful 500 word essay. On the other hand, carelessness such as grammatical mistakes can be a potential setback in ensuring high quality in the essay.
  • Meaningful – Make sure the topic you have selected is meaningful to you and the readers, and that your purpose is served. For that, you should first decide the audience that you are targeting and the sort of information that can be useful to them.
  • Solid start – Somebody aptly said, “a good start is half done.” Besides the title, the introduction is you first opportunity to capture the attention of the readers. For example, starting with a quotation, recollection of an interesting event, or fact, can be good enough.
  • Strong substance – Not to make the readers sleep, employ interesting ideas, opinions and facts that are well-researched from good sources. Of course, the content should be valid, accurate and relevant to the topic.
  • Fine ending – The ending should be as good as the introduction and this forms the conclusion part of the essay. The ending should reemphasize the central theme of the essay and hence comes from the body of the essay. This also lets the readers know that you have dealt with the essay in its entirety.
  • Clarity of thoughts – If you are not clear about your thought process, the readers will not be! Clarity of thoughts should be reflected through logical flow of ideas, systematic structure, organization, proper sentence structure with clear transition, etc…
  • Timely start – Time is of crucial importance when it comes to writing, researching and fine tuning the essay.

Thus, you see, a little bit of hard work and a little time is all that it takes to complete a nice 500 word essay. However, if you need help because you are confused due to the complexity of the topic assigned to you or due to lack of time, you can certainly rely on CustomEssayPapers.com. We will give you a paper that has only fresh and original content. Plagiarism is a strict no-no for our writers. We know time is precious, we do not waste it but deliver the paper to you in the due time promised. We have a free revision policy to give you a research paper sample of the kind that you will love. We do not reveal your personal details to others.

Some Important Tips to Make Your 500 Word Essay Excellent

o    Make yourself an expert on the topic, learn as much as you can. There is no such thing as having too much information or research. On the other hand, having too little information on the topic can make putting together a great essay difficult. You want to sound like an expert on the subject, not like someone who is talking about something  they know nothing about.

o    Be passionate about the subject matter; or at least sound like you are. Essays written by passionate authors are engaging and interesting, they are a delight to read. When the author is uninterested in the subject, it tends to come through in writing, so write as if you are excited about what you are telling the reader.

o    Digest and analyze the research and information. Once you have gathered all of the information you can, do not just regurgitate it onto the paper. Determine what information you will use, and in what way. Make sure to organize your research to fit your purpose.

o    Create a great essay outline. Do not start writing and hope it falls neatly into place. Create a detailed outline utilizing proper essay format that guides you and details which information goes where. If you are unsure, search online for a 500 word essay example or check sites such as CustomEssayPapers.com to see if they have a 500 word essay sample that you can study. There are free essays all around you that you can use as a guide for proper structure.

o    Begin with the strongest point first. After a strong and captivating introduction, begin the body with the strongest thing you have to say. In the following paragraphs of body, list the issues in descending order of importance, or whatever factor is relevant.

o    Check and check again. When writing an essay, details are important, so make sure there are no errors in the essay at all.

What You Should Avoid in Your 500 Word Essay

Do your very best to avoid making these mistakes that will surely compromise the quality of your 500 word paper.

- Poor Structure – Remember that the essay should be as professional as possible. That begins with the appearance and layout. It should look professional and read the same. It should not look sloppy nor be difficult to read and understand.

- Spelling Errors – This just may be the number one way to discredit any essay. Misspellings give the impression that an amateur wrote the essay, not an expert and certainly not a professional. In this day and age of spell-check, having misspelled words in an essay is simply unforgivable.

Grammatical Errors – This would be the second way to discredit any essay. Grammatical errors often make an the essay difficult to read as the reader may not understand what is being said due to improper wording. These types of errors can underscore a strong essay by not properly communicating the message to the reader.

- Plagiarism - In many instances, if not most, this is not only inexcusable, but illegal, and grounds for some type of punishment at schools. Plagiarism not only shows a lack of professionalism, but a lack of respect for the reader and the author of the stolen material.

- Misstatements, Gender Bias, and Suggestive or Critical Tone – Remember that the reader may hang on to every word as they follow your message wherever it may lead. Take care not to say anything that is not true, or state an opinion as fact, as that may offend the reader, or cause you to appear biased or closed-minded. In addition, try to avoid using he or she in your writing when possible, unless relevant of course. You may also want to avoid making statements that are suggestive or needlessly critical, as the reader may not agree with your opinions, and thus may be turned off or offended by your essay. Of course, that does not apply to essays where your opinion, criticism, or thoughts are required.

500 Word Essay Writing Help

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