Animal Farm Essay Writing Help

Animal Farm is, undoubtedly, one of the best works by George Orwell. The novel reflects the Russian revolution and the totalitarianism. It depicts the story of power hungry dictators of Russia and how they betrayed the people who gave them power. Writing the Animal Farm essay requires that you understand the novel in the lights of the Russian revolution. You should be able to identify the dictators and the human beings as represented by the animals. You should understand the nature of the animals and the way they connect to the human nature. Also, the setting and every event have their own meaning to the development of the story and to their representation of the reality. And all these have to be incorporated in the essay that you are constructing. If you are wondering if you can really frame a nice essay, do not worry, you can have the writers write a nice Animal Farm essay for you.

Animal Farm Essay Writing Help

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The following are the characteristics of Animal Farm a novel or fable, as you would like to call it. Understand them before you get into writing the Animal Farm essay.

  • The theme- Power leads to corruption. Greed for power makes a man betray his own friends; it makes the leaders ‘dictators’ who abuse authority. The rise of animals- representing humans- and its meaninglessness is depicted beautifully by the novel.
  • The famous line- “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” probably is one of the best line ever. The statement implies pessimistic view that equality is merely a dream and the utopia- the ideal society- is merely an imagination.
  • The characters- Snowball, Napoleon, Boxer, Benjamin, Clover, etc- each of the animal character represent the nature of human beings. The pigs are like the leaders, the horse mares and the donkeys like faithful ones to the leaders.
  • The fiction- Animal Farm is very lucid in its portrayal of the animal rebellion and the events that follow. It can be read as a bed time fairy story for children and young students. The novel is a perfect blend of fantasy, adventure, fun, awe and inspirations- a perfect fiction when not connected with the reality it denotes.
  • The lifestyle and the representation- the lifestyle of the animals (who represent human beings) is worse before the rebellion in the Jones’ farm. After the rebellion is successful, the pigs- that represent the dictators- live in luxury, the other animals are bound to live in dejection; they are bound to labor hard, eat lower quality grains, stay in horrid shelter just like poverty stricken, deprived population of the dictator era of Russia.

Writing about literature is easy in one way. You can see the things your way and give your original explanation. There is no one single right way of interpreting a literary piece. For example, you can give your reasoning and justify the steps of Napoleon or that of Snowball, you can interpret the novel as a fairy tale or as a bitter satire of the Russian Revolution depending upon what is required of you. Whatever approach you follow, you can and even should let your imagination fly. Besides, you should be able to incorporate the techniques that you learnt in the class about interpreting the literature. Finally, you should organize your essay into three main parts- introduction, body and conclusion. writers are very well aware of the setting and the background of the novel. They are also experienced about approaching the literature and hence can give your Animal Farm essay the best you can expect. They will follow your instruction carefully and give you a plagiarism free paper. They will start the work early to finish it on time. We charge fees that will not be burden to you. We also have 24/7 customer support team. They will help you for any of issues you encounter while dealing with us.

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