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What is an Autobiographical Essay

An autobiographical essay can be defined as a non-fictional essay that provides an account of the author’s life and his experiences. This type of essay does not require research because the author is the primary source, and it is usually written in the first person. An autobiographical essay should include an introduction with a thesis statement, a body containing several paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Autobiographical Essay Writing Help

Autobiographical Essay Writing Help

The author’s background information such as his full name, where and when he was born, and his parent’s name should be included in the essay. Also, the author can include his hobbies and interest. A good essay will be based on a theme that catches the reader’s attention.

An autobiography should be the most authentic essay because the author has all of the relevant information, and he should be completely truthful. Logically, an autobiographical essay should reflect the writer’s genuineness and honesty. Our customers at can be assured that their essay will be laced with all the essential features they want us to include. We go a step beyond teaching them how to write an autobiographical essay, and actually help them secure excellent grades on exams. This is a promise!  Whether our customers are inspired to write an autobiography or a teacher assigns the task, we will complete the entire project.

How to Write a Great Autobiographical Essay

There are many reasons why an author may write an autobiographical essay. One reason is it allows him to analyze, explore, and reflect on his life. Also, an autobiographical essay may be written because the author believes his experiences in life can inspire others. However, most students find themselves faced with writing an autobiographical essay when they apply for admissions to college and when they apply for scholarships. A well written essay can be essential to the success of either because it describes who you are to the college admissions officer and to the scholarship judge. In order to write a great essay, follow guidelines below.

The Theme

Selecting a theme will help you write about specific events instead of just writing a timeline. Thinking back over your life can help you recall significant events, memories, and accomplishments. The theme that you select should be geared toward what you are trying to accomplish in the essay. For instance, if you are writing the autobiographical essay because you believe your experiences in life can inspire others, then the theme should focus on the inspiring experiences of your life.  The theme should also be geared toward the target readers; if the autobiographical essay is a college admission essay, you should remember that the theme should be centered on information and attributes that the admission’s counselors are looking for, and the essay should be meticulously edited for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. A good theme will make your autobiographical essay more persuasive. The theme should be defined in the introductory paragraph and followed throughout the entire essay.

The outline and Rough Draft

After you have chosen a theme proceed to create an outline surrounding the theme. For instance, if you choose to write about how you learned to be more emphatic and less critical of others, first introduce the reader to the subject. Afterwards, proceed to create the outline around the events in your life that brought about this change in attitude. Next, create a rough draft that expands on your outline.

The Introduction and Body

Start the introduction by telling the reader who you are. Include your full name, where and when you were born, your parent’s name, and any other relevant background information. The introductory paragraph, which should contain the theme of your essay, should be interesting and catch the reader’s attention. It should be followed by developmental paragraphs, which make up the body of the essay. Each developmental paragraph must include a topic sentence, which will most likely be the first sentence in the paragraph.

The Conclusion

A great way to write the conclusion to an autobiographical essay is to discuss whatever was written about at the beginning of the introductory paragraph. The conclusion should summarize the key points of the essay and add closure.

Useful Tips in Writing an Autobiographical Essay

An autobiographical essay is an account of the author’s life. He tells the reader

about himself. So when you are writing an autobiographical essay, it is important to be

honest.  Remember an autobiographical essay is a non fiction account of your life.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Brainstorm or use prompts to find a good theme about specific events in your life.
  • When you are asked to write an autobiographical essay, do not assume that it will be easy because it is about you and does not require research. Instead, start your essay early.
  • Complete the outline and start with a rough draft.
  • Do not hesitate to revise as many times as necessary.
  • You should be focused, clear, and organized.
  • Use transition statements when writing the essay. Transitional statements signal the reader that you are about to change the flow of your essay. Using a transitional statement before introducing a new topic or paragraph will make your essay cohesive.
  • If you are writing an autobiographical essay for college admissions or for a scholarship, it is essential that you write an essay that distinguishes you from other applicants. Your goal should be to make your essay stand out from the rest.
  • Show your enthusiasm, passion or commitment about causes, but be reasoned and logical in your discussions.
  • Proofread and edit your paper; however, be careful in the editing of your final revision. Remember after reading a document over many times it is still possible to miss something. It would be wise to have your autobiographical essay proofread by an expert who can catch grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and can analyze your essay for sentences that are not constructed properly.

What Makes a Poor Autobiographical Essay

When writing an autobiographical essay, there are some things you should try to avoid.

Here is a list:

  • Do not add irrelevant material.
  • Do not use too many big words; if the reader has to locate a dictionary or thesaurus, it will make reading your essay frustrating, and it will sound pompous.
  • If you are writing an autobiographical essay for a scholarship or college admissions, do not try to ascertain what the scholarship board or the college admission’s officer wants to hear. Your essay might end up sounding patronizing. Instead, think out of the box and write an interesting essay that will grab their attention.
  • Do not write your essay like a timeline or a resume.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words don’t repeat information given elsewhere on your application. Remember scholarship boards and admissions officers read many, essays and your goal should be to catch and hold their attention, not to make them weary.
  • It is important to adhere to the length of the essay. If you were instructed to write three pages, then follow the guideline and write three pages.
  • Do not become disorganize in your writings; after you have generated the theme or personal statement stay focused and stick to that line of thought.

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