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Health is a condition that every individual wants to achieve and maintain. There are many factors that contribute to a person’s health. As World Health Organization or WHO defines, health is a human condition that determines a person’s lack of disease or illness and where his well being is holistically assessed – holistic, as his social, physical and mental state is considered. Among the three, the easiest health state to assess is the physical part – as this can sometimes be done visually and that even scientific methods have been established to become determinants of one’s well being. Physical health is also a state that incorporates multiple aspects that needs to be considered.

Dentistry Term Paper Writing Help

Dentistry Term Paper Writing Help

When a physician determines one’s health, he does not only assess a patient visually, but tests are conducted as well to ensure that he is considered as a healthy person. Vital signs, head, neck, mouth, eye, chest, lungs, cardiovascular, extremities and back are just few of the factors, parts and elements that a physician looks into during the recommended annual physical examinations. Among these, what seems to be frequently overlooked, if not neglected, is oral health. Oral health pertains to the health condition of an individual’s mouth: which principally includes gums, teeth, lips, tongue and other tissues and bones found in the mouth. Read more on the following: face studies term paper, hate crimes term paper and censorship term paper writing help.

When one achieves an optimal oral health, this means that the individual is free from any illness, disease or abnormality to the mouth – whether it is genetic or acquired. Dentistry is the academic field that addresses concerns on oral health. This academic discipline identifies ways and means to ensure that the population can achieve maximum oral health condition. is a custom research paper writing company dedicated to assist you in easing out your academic life.

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One is considered as orally healthy when he is free from facial or mouth pain, free from symptoms and condition of throat and oral cancer, free from oral sores, and even genetic defects such as cleft lip and palate. Aside from this, dentistry also aims to achieve thorough oral health by ensuring that he is free from gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. When writing any type of term paper sample, it is important to note what possible contribution your academic paper can give.

In the science discipline, this is especially important because further discoveries in science can provide us fresh information on how we can maintain health and increase life expectancy. With this it is easy to identify that choosing the correct and appropriate term paper topic is an essential element in writing your dentistry term paper. is a company dedicated to assist you in anything that is related to academic paper writing. To give you possible term paper ideas in writing, here are some publications and academic studies that have helped the dentistry world to further promote oral health. These publications have become an essential part and basis of the World Health Organization’s oral health program.

Diet, nutrition and the prevention of dental diseases

  • Written by Paula Moynihan and Poul Erik Petersen
  • This academic paper reviewed the connection of nutrition and diet to oral diseases.

Developing explanatory models of health inequalities in childhood dental caries

  • This academic paper aims to provide further research on the aim of WHO to ensure health for all. Achieved by conducting inter-continental research, this academic paper gathered information from all parts of the world while trying to reconcile policies implemented in developing and developed countries

Effective use of fluorides for the prevention of dental caries in the 21st century: the WHO approach

  • Written by Poul Erik Petersen and Michael A. Lennon
  • This publication provides information on the use of fluoride in addressing dental caries cases in different countries. It also provides the numerous benefits we have gained in this era.

Evaluation of community based oral health promotion and oral disease prevention: WHO recommendations for improved evidence in public health practice

  • Written by Poul Erik Petersen and Stella Kwan
  • This article provided information on the guidelines in implementing oral health programs in a community level.

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