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Writing an essay involves designing an attractive cover page, specifying a catchy title, and then writing content in the body of the essay that gets you good grades and comments from evaluators and the target audience. The first step of designing an effective essay cover page involves drafting a title that impresses the reader, explains in short the purpose of the paper, and includes all necessary information required for evaluation. The details include name of the student, university, and the appropriate headers and footers specifying the title and the page numbers.

Custom Made Essays with Free Cover Page
Custom Made Essays with Free Cover Page

The cover page designing also largely depends on the citation style such as MLA, APA, Harvard, or any other chosen for the project or the assignment. The task is easy but would be easier if done by experts who are experienced in writing term papers and essays. Thus, availing professional custom essay writing services for designing an effective essay cover page and getting a high quality write-up by paying an optimal fee would be a good option. For instance, is a website that is dedicated to providing writing services to customers worldwide. Several clients have acknowledged the commitment and diligence of writers at You may read the recommendations from the testimonials section of the website! Read more on the following: process essay writing, MBA essay writing help and love essay paper writing.

Click to View Free APA Cover Page Sample

Click to View Free APA Cover Page Sample

As the name of the website suggests, has been dedicated to providing writing services and has been in the business since the year 2003. The writers and editors come with extensive work experience and are highly qualified to write top quality academic documentations. For instance, if you were to write a research essay on Shakespeare for your term exams, you could place an order with At a very reasonable fee, all tasks such as designing of the essay cover page, using the latest citation styles, and writing and modifying content would be done for you. Nonetheless, you would be able to save much more money and resources when compared with writing on your own. Moreover, the software and other applications used by the writers and editors team are the best in the market and have been custom developed in-house.

However, if you wish to write an essay on your own, overall, the steps that you would follow to design an attractive essay cover page would be as mentioned below:

Click to View Free MLA Cover Page Sample

Click to View Free MLA Cover Page Sample

  1. Draft a catchy title to impress the reader and pull attention.
  2. Complement the first page with an attractive design on a coloured page.
  3. Use a font that is formal as well as creative enough to look attractive.
  4. Use simple language while writing the title that clearly states what would be mentioned in the actual essay.
  5. Include your name, university’s name and other details as required.
  6. Include page numbers and title in the header or footer as per the citation style chosen.
  7. Arrange the margins and borders appropriately to make it a well-presented page.
  8. Use the appropriate font-sizes to produce a positive effect on the reader’s eye.

Thus, by carefully following the points mentioned above, you will be able to design an essay cover page that attracts the readers to read ahead and explore the contents of the essay. Besides just the essay cover page, remember that the content of the actual essay is equally important for getting good grades or scores, if you are planning to submit the paper with your college or professional institution.

On the other hand, if you place a writing request with, you can be rest assured that all the steps will be taken care of, quite obviously. The website has a committed team of customer services executives who operate all seven days a week. These professionals take customer calls any time and ensure that work is delivered on time to the respective clients. Moreover, the team of writers and editors are equally proactive. They have a considerable experience in project management and IT management as well and ensure that all cost dependent attributes of an assignment is taken care of. Nonetheless, you may place as many revision requests as you wish to, without paying any additional fees! Instead, you may refer the website to your friends, colleagues, or classmates and help them complete their work easily as well.

At, customers are king and are given the freedom to specify requirements about the cover page, the content, and specify the sources as well. The team of writers in turn search for those sources and draft the content appropriately. This way, you save money, efforts, and time that you may use on other important tasks. To say the least, you pay minimum for all the tasks once and for all. Moreover, once you are empanelled as a prestigious client with, you would be intimated regularly about the discount offers that the website may announce. By staying in touch through email, you can place regular orders with the website as well. Overall, it is recommended that you take advantage of the excellent services provided by right away!

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