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There are various types of Essays, among which are descriptive, narrative, argumentative, comparison, research, cause and effect essays and many others. And probably few tips may be suggested on how to write each of them. However, this page will be focused only on narrative essay writing.

Narrative Essay Writing Tips

The aim of the narrative essay is to describe experience or sequence of events that  influenced the author. Usually a narrative essay is composed in the form of a story with a beginning, a climax, and an ending.

That’s why you should pick up a story that might be interesting for your target audience. Don’t forget that it should contain a conflict or a problem and have a moral in the end. Try to provide your readers with facts that this experience has played an important role in your life or you have learned a useful lesson from it. In addition, explain why you have chosen this topic to write.

Custom Written Narrative Essays

Custom Written Narrative Essays

Your narrative essay should also include the most intriguing and breath-taking details of the story. But nevertheless, remember that not all the details may be interesting for your readers. That’s why choose the most significant ones.

To start your narration it’s recommended that you have a plan of the story you are going to introduce. It will help you to present your thoughts in a more logical way, and choose the events and details that are to be covered in the essay.

Moreover, while writing a story one should take into consideration some general rules. It’s important to mention that narrative essays are generally written in the first person. However, addressing to the readers and using such pronouns as “we” or “you” will make the atmosphere of reading more close knit. And, finally, proofread and correct all the grammatical, punctuation, stylistic, and lexical mistakes if they are. Pay special attention to the format and style of the document.

Narrative Essay Structure

In the beginning it’s recommended to recollect some interesting and exciting fact in order to attract reader’s attention. Furthermore, introduction contains the description of the main characters and settings. The more bright and vivid description is given, the more successful the story will be. In this part you should also outline the main problem or conflict among which the whole plot will revolve. Remember that presenting more colorful details and rich characteristics will make the essay more fascinating for readers.

Climax is a part, where the conflict starts precipitately developing. As a consequence, new delicate details are introduced to the reader. A climax is the most emotional and strained part of the narration as it appeals to reader’s feeling and thoughts making them worry or long for reading till the end. As you might have guessed the problem is not revealed yet in this paragraph.

As regards an ending, in that part of narration the author provides the solution for the problem or conflict. Thus, an ending should have a logical conclusion. It would be excellent if your story point a moral or a lesson for the reader in the end.

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

Here are some common themes to write about in a narrative essay:

- Losing and winning experience;

- Achievements and goals;

- The happiest and the worst recollections of your life;

- Events that have influenced your personality.

And, of course, remember that no plagiarism is required. Thus, putting a piece of your soul into your essay will always make it original and creative.


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