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Macbeth is one of the most cherished dramas by the king of Drama, William Shakespeare. The play takes the readers on a joy ride in the beginning and eventually leads them to the darkest side of human fate. With so much of scope to criticism and interpretation, the drama finds place among the professors and students of literature alike. The students are given Macbeth essay to see whether they can approach the various events in the drama critically and dissect the various events to give their impression of the same. The students are encouraged to be as creative as possible and give thoughtful inferences of the events. Thus, they have to do as much readings as possible and take references from other to be able to make right judgments. You can leave custom essay writing job to if you desire so.

Macbeth Essay Writing Help

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Macbeth is a tragic drama about a person who has all the qualities to progress in life but loses it with his greed of full power. It is believed that Shakespeare took inspiration from Holinshed’s Chronicles (1587), which is an account of history of the U.K. The popularity of the drama is evident in many of the adaptation of the drama to movies, plays, novels, etc. No doubt, the drama, events and the fate of the characters have continuously been source of inspiration to many of the admirers of Shakespeare. You can also see the perception of Shakespearean plays on the lights of many of its critiques. They will be good for you to take ideas and get a sense of direction for the interpretation of the drama.

The following ideas can help you develop your Macbeth essay:

  • The characters – the power hungry Macbeth, manipulative Lady Macbeth, the victim King Duncan, savior Malcolm and the witches prophets all can be good to analyze. You can talk about their individual traits and how they have caused or influenced the plots, or how they became the victim.
  • The plot – the plot for the essay will be like summarizing the drama. You can give your own interpretation to the various events and what you believe are the real causes behind the same. You can also give an idea on the background for the plot Shakespeare created, what made him choose the plot and so on.
  • The supernatural & predestination – supernatural powers of witches that give them power to prophesize plays a big role in the drama. The prophesy makes Macbeth murder the king, or is it the predestination?
  • The futility of human endeavor – the essay can also go into the philosophical aspects. Though Macbeth murders the king and becomes a king too, he loses everything, his wife dies of guilt, and he gets killed too. What a futile endeavor when you lose all that you ever imagined, or do you think that his fate was a punishment for his misdeed?
  • Your impression of the themes – your impression of the drama and the themes do count! Dedication, betrayal, crime and punishment, vengeance are the main themes that characterizes the drama. How well do you think the drama has succeeded to develop the theme? Can you connect the same to real life?
  • Female power – female are portrayed as a strong characters. Lady Macbeth is strong enough to question Macbeth’s masculinity and violent enough to entice him to murder the king. Besides the witches also are culprits to cause the tragic events that follow by infecting Macbeth’s mind.

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