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Thankfully, we do not have to experience everything to learn. We learn from either our experiences or that of the others. And this has created a vault of wisdom for humanity. Everybody has some of the experiences or events of their lives they would want others to know. And all of us like to share the experience that can influence and inspire others. Our experiences, good and bad, can help other decide paths in their lives, shape their perceptions, and can even save somebody else’s life. The power of sharing personal experiences is simply immense. To make sure that students learn to share their experiences, they are often asked to write a personal experience essay. They are expected to pick up an event and tell what they have learnt from the event and how it is significant to them. But writing has its own problems and so you may want to borrow help. If that is the case you can just rely on to complete an entire essay for you. custom research paper writers are very well versed in dealing with personal experience essay. Our writers understand well what substance should go into the paper to ensure high quality. So once you buy cheap custom essay from us, there is no need for you to worry about anything. Even for admission Essays that require personal experience to be written, you can just rely on us. We will not simply write anything and give it to you but rather do proper research and ensure high quality content. For the same reason, you can trust us for any kind of essay like High school essay or personal essay that you may require help for. Read more on the following topics: law essay, how to write an essay cover page and Macbeth essay writing help.

Custom Made Papers on Personal Experience

Custom Made Papers on Personal Experience

A successful essay on personal experience make the readers feel like they are themselves experiencing the events. You take up an issue or idea, like, how you solved some problems in life; how you did suffer and overcome some of mental turmoil. To be successful in creating an impact you should be sure of why the readers should listen to you and what can they learn from you. You should also expect possible disagreement from the listeners about how you take or deal with an issue. Thus, give due representation to the possible concerns of the readers. Also you should be clear on what you want to communicate to the readers- is it an event and how felt about it, or is it your action and influence of the same or rather an account on how it affected you.

A typical personal experience essay should have the following qualities:

  • Take special event – it is necessary that the event you want to share be important for you and for your readers. For example, your birthday might be for you, but it will not interest other unless there is something special about that particular birthday.
  • Impact on you and other – talk about how an experience affected you and will shape your future in a significant manner. So, show excitement, enthusiasm about the experience and try to affect the readers. Also make sure that the experiences and opinions that you put across are thought provoking.
  • Leave your senses open – make sure that all of your five senses are awake and keen to the events happening around you. How you perceive an experience can best be explained y using the words like see, smell, hear, feel, think, believe, etc.
  • Use descriptive language – you can make your essay a descriptive essay. While connecting the events to yourself, you can describe the events, place, people and things and your impression of the same. You should make the readers feel like they are involved in the experiences themselves.
  • Sequence of events – recollect the events chronologically so that you will not confuse the readers to what happened and in what order. It should clearly show the cause and effect relationship in the events, results and impact of the same in you.
  • Subjectivity- this is a beautiful part of personal experience essays. You can feel free to display your emotions, sentiments, feelings, thoughts, etc about the events or the experience. Also you can reveal your beliefs, values and principles that shaped the event.

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