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As a student of science, you must have been assigned the task of drawing diagrams and sketches of plants, animals, and other living organisms several times. If you are a good artist, it obviously is easier for you to draw these pictures, sketch them accordingly, and also color them appropriately. On the other hand, if you are a student of computer science, you must have come across programs, flow charts, and process diagrams that describe how a particular function operates from start till end. Nonetheless, if you are asked to convert the same into a full-fledged essay with examples and case studies, how would you go about doing it?

Maybe first you would select a process to write about, next specify a heading and subheadings for the various stages in the process, and finally collect examples and data relevant to the subject and topic. For sure, all of this will take you more than a week’s time. Besides these, you have the presentation, the citations, and other styles and formats to be selected for the document as well. Thus, overall, for writing an effective process essay, the effort you will have to put in is tremendous, the time and resources you spend is large, and the commitment you need to show is also important and demands your time and attention.

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