Essay on Starbucks

The first section of the paper defines and explains the concepts surrounding Starbucks Company.

The major task of this paper is to investigate the issues of multinational cultural diversity and affirmative action. The paper also covers such important aspects as the effectiveness of the policy existing within the company, as well as discusses the major measures that can be applied so as to improve the effectiveness of company’s performance at the market. Finally, circumvention and effective control issues are discussed.

The second section describes the currents trends in business both at the local and international level that can effect the company performance in the future. The third section of this report will identify the main challenges the company is facing as well as will investigate into way the company is responding to the problems mentioned. The paper also tries to answer such important questions as: “What does the future hold?” and “How will this complex puzzle be solved?” “What would be the impact of new technologies on the future of the music?”

Help With Essay On Starbucks

Help With Essay On Starbucks

Starbucks & General idea of the company

Starbucks can be regarded as the largest coffee bar chain in the U.S. Being one of the largest in the world, with some 2,600 stores worldwide the company has many stores that specializes on selling products that are all similar on their look. The major task of the business is to deliver the same services as well as the experiences to all people in the world. Practically it means that the company tries to deliver the same experience to coffee drinkers undependable of the place they live in.

The company also offers services to companies, who specialize on supplying coffee and related items to their employees. The major sells are being realized through either direct sail to customers or through catalogs on its website.

The major task of the company is to win the competition in the global market. This task can be realized by means of elaboration successful strategy. In the case with Starbucks the best strategy is to accommodate the policy of the company in such a way as to make it able to meet the main challenges and opportunities of multinational cultural diversity. However, elaboration of successful strategy may not be enough. In this case there is the other no less meaningful thing – the way the strategy would be realized. In the case with Starbucks the key component of the strategy is affirmative action.

Starbucks bases its policy on the basis of the following strategic points. One of these is cooperation. The company has already made the agreement with Pepsi-Cola so as to develop and produce bottled coffee drinks like the “Frappuccino” drinks. Moreover, the agreement with Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream to produce different flavors of ice cream has been also put into action. Finally, the company has the monopoly for its services at the majority of airlines and hotels.

However the growth of global market resulted in both positive and negative outcomes. The positive one is company’s ability to win the global competitive market. The negative one is the increase of competitors that are willing to take the prevalence over Starbucks. Thus, challenge number one is winning of the competitiveness.


Even though Starbucks,has established itself as the leading company at the market of coffe selling services the company has to face a strong competition. One of the major competitors is Java Detour. As the research actually shoes the company’s aggressive franchise-expansion plan may challenge the Starbucks hold on the Las Vegas market.

Founded in 1995 by brothers Michael and Steve Binninger ha based its policy on the provision of fruit smoothies, whole-leaf teas, shakes, pastries and, of course, coffee. The company is especially known by baristas – frozen blended drinks made in less than one minute. Though operating only two corporate-owned stores in Las Vegas the company has very good location. In fact, its location near the intersection of Charleston Boulevard and I-15, just east of Eastern Avenue is very convenient for business future growth.

According to Binninger, Java Detour has 18 locations in four states. Four are franchises, while the other 14 are corporate-owned.[1]

Starbucks and Network Marketing

To beat the competitors the company elaborated new strategy called network marketing. Although most people consider Starbucks to be merely specialized on coffee production. But the company actually does more it create a special feeling the customers must have while sipping coffee from a styrofoam 7-11 cup as they usually do from a Starbucks cup. As a result, people get something more valuable that just coffee – they get feeling. It means that after visiting Starbucks, people feel satisfied that they did so.

Starbucks strategy to win the competition may be generalized in the following way:

1. the presence of good business concept

2. deep thinking over the basic strategic points

3. Engaging good partners like Barnes and Noble and Chapters in Canada

5. Creation of  a Unique Experience

6. Organizing business in the most accessible manner

7. Increasing the assortment of goods sold by the company. These include not only coffee and food but CD’s as well

8. introduction of new initiatives

9. organizing good management.

10. introduction of Diversified Revenue Stream.

Bank of America

Bank of America Business Capital serves to be one of the world’s largest asset-based lenders, with 20 offices serving the United States, Canada and Europe. The main function of the institution is to provide companies with senior secured loans, cash management, interest rate and foreign exchange risk management. The company also has to deal with broad array of capital markets products.

Bank of America has established itself as world’s largest financial institutions that serve individual consumers, small and middle market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk-management products and services. International News. [Bank of America Introduces New Affinity Banking Products].

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