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There are such brands in the world which don’t need to be explained or mentioned for the second time. It’s known all over the world that the most popular drink is Coca Cola; the most popular fast food corporation is McDonald’s etc. Nike tends to be a leader in the production of sport apparel and equipment. Maybe someone will hesitate, what about Reebok and other sport companies? Well, yes that is true, they are great and huge, but no one is competitive enough with Nike’s line of shoes production. If you’ve never known this or never believed, here you will find every proof and will be persuaded to except this opinion.
First of all, what is Nike itself?

Nike is a public corporation which was founded in 1972, in Beaverton, state Oregon, USA. Its founder and first chairman was Philip Knight. Among the co-founders there were Mark Parker and Bill Bowerman. According to the latest statistics the company makes 15 billion dollars a year and gives job to 26,700 constant workers.
Nike is a real winner. It even took its official name after the well-known goddess of victory from Ancient Greece. Have you heard such names as Air Jordan, Total 90, Nike Golf, Team starter, Mason Belmonter, Bauer, Cole Haan, Converse, and Hurley International? Well, these are all Nike’s own brands. Not thrilled enough yet? Let’s go further!

Help With Essay On Nike

Help With Essay On Nike

Nike is caring and bothering not only about the profit and the marketability of the company. But the co-presidents are also thinking about new trends and fashion. Nike has justly become the incontestable trendsetter. This is not surprising when remembering the world-wide stars advertising Nike’s shoes. It’s not a secret that Nike has sponsored an unbelievable number of famous soccer teams, such as Manchester United, Arsenal, F.C. Basel, MTK Hungária, FK Austria Wien, Juventus, FC Barcelona, Steaua Bucuresti, Spartak Moscow, Inter Milan, VfL Bochum, VfL Wolfsburg, TSV 1860 München, KR, Borussia Dortmund, PSV Eindhoven, Valencia C.F., Kaizer Chiefs, Atlético Madrid, NK Maribor, Celtic, FC Porto, Club America, Boca Juniors, Corinthians etc. Such countries as Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Morocco, South Korea, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, and the United States owe Nike their sports prestige and recognition. Moreover, Nike also supports different football leagues, rugby leagues and federations and individual athletes. Every serious sportive competition or championship one associates with Nike. We first look at sportsmen appearance. You know, it’s like a stereotype. If an athlete looks fit and fiddle, rather dignified and nice to look at, and has an appropriate suit and especially comfortable shoes – this is our idol and hero!

By the way, how do you call your sportive shoes? Assure you, that all over the world such shoes are called nikes! It’s a just recognition of a true sports manufacturer.

The company’s life
The beginning of the company’s history dates back to the year 1964 when Phill Knight partners together with the help of Bill Bowerman created the distributive line of Japanese-made Tiger track shoes, which was called then called Blue Ribbon Sports.

It took a long time for the Nike Corporation to announce its contemporary name. Blue Ribbon Sports existed until 1988 when BRS, Inc merged into the existing company and let it possible for Nike to become the best and the biggest company dealing with sports equipment and accessories.

Still the official Nike’s mark – swoosh has already been created (1971). It symbolizes speed, activeness, purposive movement. At that time it was only in a blue color. A year later, in 1972 the first line of shoes production was opened. And the waffle sole was introduced. The Olympic athletes accepted that with great enthusiasm. So, the history of the greatest shoe production began.

In the same year an Italian star Ilie Nastase became the first sportsman to sign a contract with Nike. Later Steve Prefontaine joined his college and changed his Adidas track shoes to Nike.
Not long after that the first race was won by the sportsman wearing nikes! That was a break point and the beginning of the brand’s success.

Nike’s shoes began winning the US market. Among the most popular brands was The Waffle Trainer. A new created logo is quite appropriate.–It says: “There is no finish line”.
More tennis players join Nike’s team of those who can’t be defeated. Among them is scandalous John McEnroe. But that is not a complete success.

After the introduction of a new air technology Nike wins the most profitable area – basketball arenas. The comfortable soles with gas-filled plastic membranes become the most fashionable and at the same time affordable. In 1886 Jordan signs the contract and by this he strengthens the positions of the successful corporation. The Air Jordan shoe appears. All the time the shoe is gradually developing, and in 1987 a new brand, Air Max shoe, is ready. Beatles song is supporting the advertising campaigns. The fact that by that time Nike already has his own advertising agency also contributes to the company’s success and fame.

The introduction of a new shoe brand Nike DUNKS is accepted with terrific enthusiasm. Besides Nike becomes the champion with its achievement – the biggest airsole ever invented.
Nike’s unbeatable slogans: Just do it! (1988), “You Don’t Win Silver — You Lose Gold.” (1996) prove that Nike is not afraid of anybody anymore. It doesn’t notice the competitors.

From 1990 a range of Nike’s own supermarkets are beginning to open.
New contracts with countries and colleges and sport teams appear. Nike is already everywhere. In 1998 Nike was obliged to put in order all the spheres of production process. A lot of money was spent but the result was worth it. So everything went on, until 1999. This year, on Dec. 24 at age 88 dies Bill Bowerman, the co-founder of Nike… But Nike’s story is continuing…

As you see, the history of Nike is rather vivid and multisided. Its profit and fame is enormous.
Remember the creator of swoosh mark? She was a college student Carolyn Davidson. She made this mark for only 35$! If only she had known then…

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