Essay on Organizational Culture

Is culture manageable?

Organizational culture is usually shaped during a long period of time, and it includes different rituals, symbols, stories, etc., that help to identify organization and allow the employees to feel their direct participation in company’s life. The point is that organizational culture emerges as a result of organization’s founder vision of it and the main goals that have been set for a particular organization. So, very complex process takes place while the establishment of organization’s culture. First of all, the right people must be found and hired for suitable positions. It means that employees should think and act as creators of organization do, and their style of work should be acceptable for organization’s concept that have been chosen.  Secondly, the relevant organizational structure must be implemented to ensure the effective functioning of company. Lastly, the founder should behave in proper way, to be an example for other members of organization.

Usually, if organizational culture is established, it is maintaining strongly to rally the team that works in organization. In such a case, after many years have passed, the organizational culture becomes a second nature for all employees, middle managers and top-managers, working at the company. Therefore, it is really difficult to make some changes about it.

Essay Help on Organizational Culture

Essay Help on Organizational Culture

I think, it’s even harder to change the organizational culture than just establish it for the organization, which was recently created. You need to change employees’ perception of what they are doing, why they are doing this and how it’s better to do it. In most cases, new policy of selection is required and new values are espoused. So, some visible forms of organization’s identity can be changed just to ‘fresh’ company’s look and spirit (symbols, logos), and to adapt it to dynamic environment. More complicated changes are those concerning cardinal changes. It is very hard to implement new corporate philosophy, new attitude to work and new way of doing things, which extremely differs from the previous one. Most of organizations can’t manage this sophisticated process and eventually cease to exist.

Nevertheless, I consider that culture is manageable. The successful implementation of organizational changes depends on various factors. In my opinion, the most important one is the necessity of these changes. So, if there is a crisis (some shock that influenced firm badly), and the organizational culture of the company isn’t relevant at that moment, huge culture changes must be made to help organization to survive. I believe, the younger and the smaller organization is, the easier culture may be managed. Company that function for relatively short period of time, don’t have very mature values and principles of work. That’s why they are more likely to be reformed. It is also obvious, that small organizations don’t need so big efforts to make culture different that large do.

Of course, if organizational culture isn’t effective and doesn’t make employees work as a whole, it should be change immediately. Despite this, the result of such changes won’t be immediate. Culture is something that is created very slow and set even slower. It evolves all the time, but if its development moves in wrong direction, it’s worth to intervene.

I think, organizational culture can be formed and changed during long time. Moreover, it should be. It is very important to predict organizational behaviour, market situation, finance perspectives and to take into account main tendencies that take place in the society and will be prevailing in future. New leaders must come to implement new principles, values and rituals for reanimation of organizational culture, which can merge organization’s workforce for the common purpose for many years.

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