Essay on the Future of the World’s Cultures

In this essay we are going to analyze and discuss the issues of globalization of different cultures, especially American one. We will dispute over the question-is world is becoming a place where you can find traces of all cultures living together harmoniously or place where we can no longer escape America no matter where we go? I have mainly considered my personal observations and experience to support my ideas concerning the overwhelming influence of both America and other dominant countries on the rest of the world and issues of globalization. In addition, I have read and discussed books and articles, such as “The Global Village finally Arrives” by Pico Iyer, “Coming of Age in a Changing Nation” by Andrew Lam, “My Vietnam, My America” by Andrew Lam, The excerpt “Uncle McDonald” taken from Fast food Nation by Eric Schlosser develop, and how these metaphors may apply to how we view the rest of the world.

Help With Essay On The Future of World's Cultures
Help With Essay On The Future of World’s Cultures

Today we are living in a very integrant world, where multiple cultures mix and exist all together without no problem. However often we also meet a very common problem when one culture, which is being inner, begins to fully exclude another, original culture of the society, by it’s various new traditions, views and customs. And people blindly fallow them, forgetting with that their original roots….Why it happens? Well maybe because the new culture is much more modern, much more “popular” and “cool”?

American cultural habits& traditions, to my mind, are changing and greatly influencing nearly every culture, which exist in our today’s world. Mainly it is brightly seen with the fast food restaurants. In every big modern city, whatever you go-you cannot avoid not noticing an American fast food restaurant or bistort. But to me, as a very big original culture estimator and cherisher, very sad and depressing to see an ugly, modern, bright and absolutely taste-free McDonalds restaurant building at the historian centre of Paris or Rome. To my mind this piece of truly American culture is absolutely ruining the great, outstanding and gorgeous atmosphere of a wonderful old city and culture itself, with its’ thousand year’s roots…..My heart is simply bleeding in this case and in such moments I really start hating globalization and “Americanization”.

Yes, I agree that American culture is much more modern then roman, BUT who forgot the fact that America itself has only some more then 200 years of history, while Rome was once a great ancient empire, and it’s history, traditions and habits start from early millennium… I am not criticizing America here, I only insisting on a fact that undobutfully, older culture must always influence the younger one, and not backwards! To my mind, this situation is verdiciloius, because in a new culture, which exist only a few hundreds of years, what steady traditions, customs and roots we are talking about? [3]

Nowadays we are all floated by the process that I call “Americanization”, which is a term for determining American brutal invasion into different cultures of the words. American food, American sports, American way of life, American causal style… everybody want to be so close the American culture, to at least purchase a piece of this current wonder! But why? Every culture is so original, so outstanding, so bright? Why would we want to change it for completely something different, alien for our mentality& usual way of life?

Ok, let analyze what exactly in American culture has a real “American origin?” This country itself has never had and will never have a united complex of cultural traditions& habits and customs which would be characterized and totally acceptable for every single nation, ethnical community and race living in the territory of the United States. Let’s not forget how the country was forming into a state! Various nations were coming to American continent as refugees and were settled here. However together with their belongings they have also brought a wide range of special traditions, habits, attitudes and customs, which were typical only for the particular nation or ethnical group they were coming from. And still this variety exist. That’s why we cannot really consider American culture to be original “American”. It’s rather a mix of Mexican, Chinese, Russian, Irish, Italian, African, Jamaican and other cultures widely represented in the current American society. [1]

And now let’s discuss the origin of the most spread out item of an American culture nowadays-fast food, which is a very typical for American culture and everyday way of life. While the cheeseburger and cola are produced locally, within the USA food factories, not one of the vegetables or animals used in making them originated in or were domesticated in North American Continent! Since the last Ice Age did not end until 10,000 years ago in North America, few foods originated or were domesticated in what is today the United States. The main exceptions are blueberries, sunflowers, cranberries and Jerusalem artichokes. However most of the foods that we eat within USA nowadays and which are especially used in fast-food industry are exported from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America or Mesoamerica.[2]

To my mind, noticing it is a very important factor of letting people understand some of the historical events and trends that contributed to what we eat today and how “original” American cuisine was formed.
So in the fallowing essay have successfully analyzed and discussed the issue of globalization of American culture. We can give a clear answer that in nowadays world for every culture it is very hard to stay original, and the process of “Americanization” of the world has grew into very wide mashtabes. In this essay I have mainly considered my personal observations and experience to support my ideas concerning the overwhelming influence of America on the rest of the world and issues of globalization.


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