As far back as a century ago the education of children at home by their parents was regarded as an impossible thing. Those, who were still brave enough to teach their kids by themselves, were seen as traitors to the cause. Nowadays such thing as homeschooling (it is called in such a way) becomes more and more popular. Why three – four parents out of ten chose to educate their infants at home, rather than send them to school?

Firstly, many relatives often make a conscious decision, long before their minors are due to start, not to send their offspring to school. They realize that their babies would be sent away for school education, that they would say goodbye to them at half past seven and not see them again till something like half past four or five; just like business people. Maybe, it just does not seem right for them to pass the responsibility of bringing up their children on to somebody else? Or maybe, they are just different from other people? At the same time, it seems perfectly normal to have your family all together at home until children are adults.

Help with Essay on Homeschooling

Help with Essay on Homeschooling

Secondly, parents are inclined to think that some of what their children do at school, from a strictly learning point of view, is unnecessary. Like team or group work, for example. Cut that out by teaching at home and you can give your children the individual attention they seek and teach them what they really need to know! With homeschooling children will easily discover their skills and inclinations on their own. However, it is difficult to say, how those kids would match up with their friends if they took a school test…

Sometimes, it may seem that schools are unable to recognize kid\’s natural abilities and gifts. At five they are wrestling with adult questions of biology and at the age of six – with ethics and philosophy. At that point parents must admit that if personalities of their children are rather adult – that is better than being too childish. It means that your children have considerable intellect and are developing of course quickly, but thank God, naturally. So, in the long run, after trying many state and independent schools, homeschooling appears to be the only sensible solution.

Lastly, why make children unhappy by forcing them to do things they do not want to do, if they learn as much doing what they like? Moreover, talking about some of the lessons at school, if frankly, we would have learnt more by just going to the school library. Naturally, adults are rather bitter about their own school education experience. And that is why they become concerned when things are too regimental at school and want their children forget about educational pressures. Thus, no more begging from your kids to leave them at home for one more day; no wasted time because of the bad curriculum; no competition – they can dress and act the way they want and study with the pace they are capable of.

So, what are the main advantages of our children being educated at home? Perhaps, it is the rationalization of the time, which makes homeschooling so attractive all over the world? Or, maybe, it is due to the freedom gained at home as schools very often can be rather oppressive and restrictive? Whatever the real reason is, everyone should remember one golden rule: \”If my children really want to go to school, I will not stop them\”. Having this simple principle in mind, parents will never, as long as they live, turn their child\’s homeschooling into the instrument of torture. is a provider of high quality, custom writing services and can write any kind of paper, including case studies. is experienced in writing informative, detailed, and concise case studies on any subject and using either kind of case study approaches. If you need help with a case study, place your order for a case study and one of our professional writers will happily construct a case study for you or help you with any other writing assignment you may have: Essay, Research Paper, Thesis, Term Paper, etc.

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