Personal Essay on The Best Day in My Life

Well, I’d like to tell you about the best day in my life, which I won’t be able to forget for a long time. So here it goes…
I was a professional sportsman and I had a very successful career. Everything was really great, I had lots of advantageous offers from abroad and my thoughts about my future were somewhere in Germany, Spain, etc… It was a time when I could rise my head up to the sky and say: “God, I’m happy!”. But then, all of a sudden I broke my left knee. It was a serious injury, but typical for any sportsman. Ultimately, I’ve had two unsuccessful operations during a year and I’ve realized that my career came to an end. All hopes and efforts which were put, they were gone. It was like a bad dream, or to be honest, it was a nightmare for me! I even forgot such simple things as smile and laugh. The food has lost its taste, all colors seemed dull to me and I could see how my huge and as I thought protected world has been ruined in a few seconds..

Personal Essay Writing Help

Personal Essay Writing Help

Some time after, I realized that I needed to move further. Life goes on and I had to think about my future. Life is a tough thing, but I found a new goal in my life. I decided to turn my scars into my new advantages. Life is for learning, so I’ve learned a good lesson and I am ready to move on…
First of all, I decided to improve my language skills. Sport gave a perseverance which I am still using successfully in my life. I studied a lot, from morning till deep night and I achieved good results really fast. In a year I got a job of an interpreter. It wasn’t a big company, but it was an amazing place and chance for me to check my skills and get more experience.
Once, I was sitting in my office thinking about my current life and I understood one main thing… everything depends on me only! I am the creator of my life. I am that person who can overpass any barriers, heading towards his dreams till they come true. I am a person with a capital letter “P”.
Sport gave me a strong character and a very useful ability to reach anything I want. “Nothing will deter me from success!” – this is the main motto of my life which I still follow.
So that day, when I thought that my career (and my life actually) came to an end and I didn’t know how would I live further with this, was the best day in my life. That injury opened a huge world to me that I wasn’t able to see before.
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