Comparing and Contrasting Essay

Today, for many companies a website is the main tool on the basis of which the firm carries out the transactions flow between itself and the buyer. In indirect marketing the manufacturer utilizes the services of various types of independent marketing organizations or cooperative organizations that are located in the home country. When a manufacturer exports indirectly, the responsibility for carrying out the foreign selling job is transferred to some other organization. The companies chosen for analysis are: Starbucks, Microsoft and Xerox.

Help With Comparing and Contrasting Essay
Help With Comparing and Contrasting Essay

At the Microsoft website, the potential customer base is not limited by the number of catalogs or brochures. Internet-based catalogs are updated immediately to reflect changes in pricing or product availability. This results in more economically efficient outcomes and improved service for customers. Online catalogs also provide more thorough information than conventional catalogs.

Starbucks has a more complicated design and structure which prevents many users to find the information at once. Starbucks use complicated search systems and catalogue structures which make it difficult to access information and product specification. For instance, when you are looking for the information about “coffee” using search engine you will find such articles as “Panama San Benito” or “Coffee As Art Starbucks Card”. Most of them do not give substantial information about the products and services of the company.

Xerox website is easy in use which helps the clients to save time looking for particular information.

Another important feature, helped to distinguish a good website from a poor one, is the ability to find the best way to convey the essence of any information. In other words, it is balance between graphics and text and even the quality and style of language and expression used. Microsoft graphics and its products display is more appealing to customers than Xerox and Starbucks web design. It means that visitors of Microsoft have easy assess to mobile product range and downloads, etc. and can see them in details. Starbucks design does not appeal to potential consumers using dark colors and the small font. In contrast, Microsoft and Xerox propose their customers bright, colorful, vivid and big images of the products. On the other hand, the size of front requires spare no effort to read the information. Both of them also use the small fonts so many customers need to sit closer to the screen to read the information. In both Microsoft and Xerox, if a customer wants to have a close look at the image, he/she needs to click on the button. Microsoft and Xerox create a really impressive video to show the colors of the screen and the products. The inconvenience of the Starbucks is that a potential customer three steps to have a close look at the store location and the end product.

Three companies under analysis articulate employee value proposition which is closely linked to their strategy. It has a positive impact on organizational climate and influences the level of morale and attitudes which members of the organization bring to bear on their work performance and personal relationships. Flexible working is another feature of management philosophy. They lay down the requirements for a cost-effective quality system and how to establish and maintain it, with the aim of demonstrating to customers that their organization is committed to quality. There is no great difference between three companies which uses management philosophy as a core of customer relationship management. Motivation refers to the way urges, aspirations, drives and needs of human beings direct or control or explain their behavior. It may simply be described as keenness for a particular pattern of behaviors. In seems that in Starbucks, Microsoft and Xerox a sense of belonging to the organization is very important. It is built upon the loyalty essential to successful industrial relations. When Starbucks was a relatively small company, the sense of belonging was created by managers through ensuring that the workforce is: informed, involved, sharing in success.

For instance, in Microsoft employees with a high achievement motivation may perceive that successful performance is caused by their own internal forces, and their ability and effort, rather than by the nature of the task or by luck. If members of staff fail to perform well on their tasks they may believe that external factors are the cause, and as a result may reduce the level of future effort. In Xerox, the core of company’s values is a flexible function of HR which meets the needs of a particular country. Achieving strategic fit or both Xerox and Microsoft rarely means stable fit and, increasingly, strategic management means change management (Beardwell et al. 2004).

Starbucks, Microsoft and Xerox introduce diversity policies for their employees. For instance, planning of Xerox reflects its general diversity policy. It is important that people understand exactly what is required of them. In planning, Xerox establishes a set of defined standards of diversity performance against which the level of success can be determined. This includes measurements by which the degree and quality of goal achievement are determined. Starbucks organizes its activities in order to reach a desperate target audience. To succeed on the global scale, Starbucks manages cultural diversity and finds appropriate solutions. Similar to Xerox and Starbucks, the aim of Microsoft is to find talented employees from different social and ethnic groups and create unique environment for the viewers. For instance, Microsoft includes special information for customers from Russia and other countries and regions; Starbucks has a special proposition for international customers.

Diversity impact on a leading function can be illustrated by successful campaigns which attract desperate social groups. Diversity policies result in success because they help to move prejudice from the companies and the individuals they employ, to ensure that all employees, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religion and lifestyle, receive equal treatment in the organization (Beardwell et al 2004). Leading function is explained by equal opportunities for promotion, transfer, training and other benefits. It is possible to conclude that diversity continues to impact communities, corporations and culture.


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