Different Kinds of Line-Ups

It is important to know that witnesses play a significant role in the administration of justice as they are the key in the process of identification, charging and conviction of the suspects. The police officers need to advice the witnesses on the best type of line-ups to choose in order for them to accurately identify the suspects. There are known to be two types of police line-ups and these are sequential line-ups and simultaneous line-ups. In sequential line-ups, the witnesses are required to have in possession the ability to exercise the absolute judgment and this involves making comparison of each photograph or person with respect to the memory of how the offender looked like, (Bartollas and Dinitz 45). On the other hand, simultaneous line-ups require the witnesses to apply the relative judgment and this entails making comparison of line-up photographs or persons to each other.

Essay Help on Different Kinds of Line-Ups

Essay Help on Different Kinds of Line-Ups

The best line-up that will encourage accurate identification is the sequential line-ups as it has the effect of reducing false identification errors. According to Steblay et al (470), their findings showed that simultaneous line-ups produced more correct identification in the target-present line-up, while on the other hand; sequential line-ups produced more accurate rejections in the target-absent line-ups. This has an implication that, the sequential line-ups has the impact of reducing false identification errors, (Tredoux and Allan 60). Their findings were based on relative and absolute judgments with regard to line up administration.  Hence with respect to the study, the simultaneous line-ups permitted a more relative judgment while sequential line-ups on the other hand applied more absolute judgments.

In a nutshell, the sequential line-ups are more superior over simultaneous line-ups because of their effect of reducing the likelihood of erroneous eyewitness identification. Sequential line-ups use absolute judgment whereby the participants tend to compare the line-up members to each. This leads to accurate identification of the suspects.

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