Essay. Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson

Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson

A title is one of the most important elements of any literary work. It reflects its context and meaning, symbols and predicts plot development. In the play “Fences” has a symbolic meaning reflecting social and psychological problems faced by the characters and their complicated relations. Thesis The title “fences” is used as a frame which helps readers to grasp the idea and message of the play.

Help with Essay. Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson
Help with Essay. Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson

The title helps August Wilson to point out the readers’ attention to symbolism and metaphorical meaning of the play. Through the title, the author uncovers the reality of life stated that marriage cannot be happy without mutual communication and understanding. The psychological problems of the characters caused by misunderstanding, isolation and poverty forces the readers to grasp the idea at once. For instance, Troy builds barriers (fences) between members of his family resulted in isolation and loneliness. The husband prefers to distance himself from his wife. A struggle between Troy and his son Cory is also caused by misunderstanding and rebellion nature of both characters.

The title is significant for the whole work because it is used as a symbol of misunderstanding between the main characters. Also, August Wilson uses the title to define the actions and characters behaviors. Using this setting the author symbolically depicts that the people are “locked up” in their dreams and limited social role unable to change the situation. The irony of the situation is that “the fence” is interpreted as love by the family members. For instance, Rose supposes that the fence around the house will help to save her family and close relations, but it is too late to save her marriage. In this situation, the title reflects gender role-conflict and a struggle between husband and wife and causes interpersonal conflict.

The title is associated with one or another of the main thought-feelings of the play: death and love, final resignation without despair; and all seem, to fall into place inevitably. One of the essential elements of the title is a concern to demonstrate how the symbol suggests the inevitability of death and the controlled depth and power of human feeling. The title always helps to shape and give a clarity and edge to the content, to the thought and feelings of the main characters.

Also, the title conveys the strong sense of actuality and certainly it is good to be in contact with a real journey to be made by all characters. The title plays a significant role because it is brought close to settings and themes. While reading the play, the readers base their judgment and interpretations of the events and actions taking into account the title and its symbolic meaning. The symbol of fences is closely connected with fate and the role of destiny in the life of an ordinary person. The titles is symbolic forcing the readers to look deep into roots of the problems describes by Wilson and reflecting a hidden meaning of the whole play. It is important to note that the dramatic actions are closely connected with the building of fences. Only some people can predict and foresee their future, but even they are helpless to chance something in their lives.

In sum, the title has a unique meaning that marks the significance of the events and destiny of each character. The title is important because it helps the author to convey the message of the play and appeal to reader’s emotions and imagination through metaphorical and symbolic meaning of “the fence”. The title supports a conflict in the play and marks the awakening the heroes. The despair and pointlessness of the dreams is emphasized with the help of the irrational choices and themes. The significance of the title is that it is used as a mark reflecting inner psychological state of the heroes who are fear of death and changes which force them to fight with life.


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