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The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare exploits many social influences to impress a reader and make a narration more vivid, colorful, and philosophically valued. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, is the main character of the play who avenging his father’s death. The most impressing is that Hamlet questions the problems of individual choice confronted with the choice of the society embodied in its traditions and prejudices of people. Thesis Actions and thoughts of Hamlet are conditioned by his historical period of time and personal values of the protagonist.

Help with Essay on Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Help with essay on Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Primarily, there are great differences between our time and the Middle Ages when monarchs could not address the court in order to punish guilty of murder. If I were Hamlet, I would take revenge upon the murder and convoke People’s Court to solve this matter. Similar to Hamlet, I would be disappointed with my mother for marrying an uncle so quickly. I suppose that every person has the right to create his destiny, and nobody can prevent the predetermined events. Similar to Hamlet, I am a rebellious person and suppose that it is better to fight in the state of madness than to accept the easy answers that so many people offer seems sane. The state of madness is the only possible way to escape the same destiny as Old Hamlet. On the other hand, doubt and anger are inappropriate responses to the prince, but there are times when these things are almost inevitable. 

In general, I differ greatly from Laertes. I am an idealist who believes in true love and feelings between two people. Love to Ophelia is a strong feeling that makes me happy and ruins my life but causes great elation and harmony together with disappointment and frustration at the same time. Similar to Laertes, I had planed to kill Claudius, but did not fulfill that plan. Also, I had abused my mother for her excessive sexuality and could not stop thinking about it. Now, I suppose that I recognize the eternal warfare between virtue and sin, good and evil. Similar to Laertes, I am devoted to my family and my father trying to revenge on the assassins. Laertes suppressed Ophelia seeing her as a weak woman only. The existence of the institution of marriage, in which men played the dominant role and wielded control, placed women at the mercy of their family. In contrast to Laertes I am honest about personal doubts, rather than accepting trite answers.

I treat Ophelia so poorly because I am disappointed and frustrated by her attitude towards me. I communicate with people most of whom suppose my madness is caused by deep psychological trauma. My heart is broken when I understand that beloved Ophelia does not believe me suppressed by Laertes. Unrequited love becomes a vein sacrifice that is painful and sorrowful lasting for years and causing terrible sufferings and emotional burden me. Ophelia cannot move beyond the constrictions of the patriarchal ideology. Therefore, there was “fighting” (which can be, also, considered as madness) between those alternatives in my heart and harsh realities of life.

Death of many people depict that revenge is not the best tool to avenge my father’s death in spite of the fact that it costs too much for people around me and their families. The death of people helps me to understand ideals of honor, courage and endurance in a world that is sometimes chaotic, often stressful, and always painful. Also, deaths suggest moral crusades of people driven by personal success and economic gain. The decline of morality has encour­aged a narcissistic individualism which places the self at the centre of concerns. Probably, these deaths support the idea that people lose their morality trying to gain power.

In sum, during my period of time, political power was the main tool of ruling the society. I am suppressed by norms and traditions of the society, their false morals and values. Madness and revenge are the only possible tools to protect my dignity and maintain my honor. The apparent success of morals has not resulted in any kind of triumph of the philosophy.


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