Essay on “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Lee Harper

Since colonization period of time, racism was a disease of civilization which affected all classes and nationalities. The main characters of the novel are faced with the problems caused by educational segregation of children, right violation and neighbors’ hostility. Thesis In this novel, Harper Lee vividly depicts that racism is a disease of the Maycomb society which infected ‘white’ population and high social classes.

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The Maycomb society needs to blame someone and prove its high social status in contrast to black population. Racism is depicted as a disease of white majority who is afraid of blacks and former slaves. Similar to a disease, ‘the virus’ of racism infects only ‘white’ population. The ideas, fears and prejudices expressed by the white majority can be compared with disease symptoms. During the trial Atticus states: “You know the truth, the truth is this: some Negroes lie, some Negroes are immoral” (p. 217). These are the main symptoms which prevent the Maycomb community from fear justice and tolerance.  To some extent, racism can be compared with psychological disease: “Maycomb County had recently been told that it had nothing to fear but fear itself” (p. 1). As an ill patient, the society creates social barriers for racial families and black people who differ from them. It means that the concept of “white” dominance did not sink into oblivion. Like a disease, racism has a negative impact on the Maycomb society and affects all important spheres of life and human relations. Lee depicts that the society is blind towards other people who differ form the crowd. Atticus questions: “Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a Negro comes up?” (p. 85). Lee portrays that when actions of one character begin to affect another person, the society suffers from low morals and false values which ruins its unity and happiness like a disease which ruins human health.  Also, if morals are low it leads to sufferings of people who do not follow social traditions and stipulated norms like Atticus and his family who are also victims of these disease (racism).

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