Leadership/Management Style and its Impact on Employee

The significance of leadership style is a subject that has drawn much contentious discussions. The term “leadership” has various meanings that are relative to the educator. Most studies in leadership have been directed towards government agencies, the military and business organizations with little attention directed towards sports (Harte 100). However one generally accepted conclusion is that the style of leadership used by an organization has an effect on its performance outcome. Leadership style has a direct impact both on the employees and the general success of the organization. This essay therefore seeks to examine the three main types of leadership styles in organizations.
Autocratic leadership
Leaders under this style use the phrase “do as I say” in their management. Employees have to follow their directives without questioning. Adeniyi (70) asserts that, this leadership style can be damaging to the organization in that ideas and strategies are executed in a narrow manner based on the manager’s subjective perception of what entails success. Autocratic leadership entails coercion leaving no room for motivation and vision. Golf clubs should be more concerned about the welfare of its employees help realize their potential. If such a style is used, employees are likely to feel pressured to follow the subjective views of the superintendent.

Essay Help on Leadership Style and its Impact on Employee
Essay Help on Leadership Style and its Impact on Employee

Democratic leadership
This style of leadership encourages equal participation of all concerned parties in the management process. This means that all employees play a role in the decision making process. This may be the most appropriate leadership style for Golf club organization where employees are players and volunteers. Employees under this style of leadership are motivated to perform better since they are made to believe that they are equal partners in the club. This style of leadership however assumes the competency of all employees and can lead to poor decisions and weak execution of strategies.
Bureaucratic Leadership
Bureaucratic leadership utilizes policy in achieving organizational goals. The objectives, strategy, execution, and outcome are all driven by policy. The behaviour of employees under this style of management is well governed by the policy. Procedures have to be followed as dictated in the policy, (Lussier and Achua 150). This style of leadership may seem appropriate but it has little impact in personal development of employees since it ignores the importance of motivation and development to employees.
Transformational leadership
In this style of leadership, emphasis is on impacting change on employees. Transformational leaders make use of expertise, knowledge and vision to transform employees under them in a way that the change impacted is carried on even in their absence. This style of leadership grants employees a chance to change and build up themselves as contributors in the process hence the most valuable form of leadership.
Leadership is very essential in any organization. A leadership style, which simply reflects the behavioural style of the manager, determines the approach to management in the club. This in turn affects an employee of an organization. The style determines the level of employee motivation, the overall performance of the employee and personal and career development of the employee. It is therefore fundamental for every manager to adopt a style that will achieve the best positive results since employees are assets the organization cannot do without.

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