Essay on Recruitment and Training in Human Resource Development


Human resource development as explained by Philip Kotler entails a structure for assisting workers develop their individual skills as well as organizational competencies and knowledge (69). Human resource development comprises recruitment and training among other functions. This short paper examines recruitment and training in human resource development.

Recruitment and staffing

As noted by Kotler recruitment of employees is a very critical process in any organization (69). This involves administration, employee performance as well as staffing. Recruitment and staffing assists the organization in ensuring that it gets the right employees with desired qualifications. Recruitment as well ensures that, the organization has the right number of workers, and at the correct places.  The human resource managers in this regard are as well involved in making sure that those recruited into their organizations are performing to the stipulated standards (Folger and Cropanzano, 176). When recruitment is carried out correctly, it brings in best employees who can add more value to the organization.

Essay Help on Recruitment and Training of Human Resources

Essay Help on Recruitment and Training in Human Resources Development

Training and development

In spite of high qualification and experience of employees, they all require extra training to improve their skills. As observed by Nadler, no employee can certainly be 100% competent (96). Therefore, there is need for human resource managers to develop training programs.

Development is the growth of employees in regard to their capabilities, awareness and understanding (Nadler, 98). Training and development are used in an organization to, create a workforce that can undertake highly demanding tasks, improve effectiveness of the employees, and inform employees on new products or information and, as normal training to newly recruited employees.


Human resource development is a framework for assisting employees develop their individual skills as well organizational competencies and knowledge. Recruitment and training are just some of the functions of human resource development. The main focus of human resource development is to create an excellent workforce.

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