Stem Cells Research: the Road to Life or Death

In the era of inventions and new technologies it seems that nothing can surprise humanity, but unbelievable things still remain in our world. One of them is the notion of stem cells – a source of prejudice and hopes of our generation. Stem cells therapy or founder cells therapy is a new method of treatment, the use of which, however, needs cells of human embryo. Despite the fact that stem cells research does not correspond with the Christian ethics, it suggests new principles in treatment of the most severe diseases of our time and makes significant assessment to development of medical science.

Stem cells were first discovered by the scientists of Toronto University James E. Till and Ernest A. McCulloch in the 1960th and defined as primary cells that are present in all multi cellular organisms. Their main feature lies in the ability to turn into all types of cells forming in this way any tissue of human body. This is why stem cells are so much valued by scientists and doctors.  There are two types of stem cells: embryonic and those of an adult organism. Both of them are researched, but embryonic cells are a subject of special scientific interest.

Essay Help on Stem Cells Research

Essay Help on Stem Cells Research

However, the development of stem cells research is objected by a significant part of society, as the principles of Christian ethics align it with such notions as abortion and cloning. People say that the death of human embryos cannot be a source of life for other people. Trying to save one life, doctors take another, but only God can decide who is to live and who is to die.  \”We do not believe that human beings should ever be sacrificed for the benefit of another. We thought we left that at Nuremberg more than fifty years ago\”, said Colleen Parro, a spokesperson for the Republican National Coalition for Life in 2001. Such views caused prohibition of former cells research in many countries. The study and usage of stem cells of adult organism is not so much objected, but still people’s attitude towards it is ambiguous.

Scientists in their turn consider stem cells to be an outstanding method of treatment of cancer, Parkinson disease, and spinal cord and muscles injuries. It is proved that such cells forms new tissues that can substitute those, attacked by disease. Today most of stem cells methods are used on the experimental basis, and many aspects are not being clarified yet. But positive results persuaded many people that that the research should be continued, and recently Court of Appeal of the USA gave its permission to the government to finance new kinds of treatment based on embryonic stem cells. The scientists use only those embryos that are a so called “side effect” of artificial fertilization, when instead of one or two, more than three embryos are developed. During recent years such embryos were subjected to abortion and now they can save lives.

Even if not to use stem cells for treatment, they are extremely important for scientific research, as they will help to reveal unknown facts concerning human organism. Professor Tim McCaffry from the university named after George Washington expressed the following comment regarding this issue: “The most vital research that is dependent on it is anything that involves those very, very early decisions by the stem cell. Those first few decisions that take you from an ovacite – from an egg – into an embryo. So developmental biologists that are studying how a heart cell becomes a heart or a brain cell becomes a neuron, those are the most impacted, those very early decisions.”

As a conclusion it should be said that stem cells research is a new page in science and treatment development. Because of former cells nature people’s opinion concerning their usage varies dramatically.  But judging from today’s situation stem cells research will be and should be continued as it is valuable from both practical and theoretical points of view. is a provider of high quality, custom writing services and can write any kind of paper, including case studies. is experienced in writing informative, detailed, and concise case studies on any subject and using either kind of case study approaches. If you need help with a case study, place your order for a case study and one of our professional writers will happily construct a case study for you or help you with any other writing assignment you may have: Essay, Research Paper, Thesis, Term Paper, etc.

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