Essay on Homosexual Relationship

Why such couples as Paola and Paolo should be allowed to get married and adopt children

Paolo and Paola (who was also Paolo by his birth) are the two happiest people in the whole universe. They are two Italians that immigrated to the USA searching for radiant future. They are a very nice couple: Paolo is a shortish cute man of 29, a bit balding but this makes him charming, with eagle-eyes and magnetic smile; Paola is a slim and lanky 35 year old person that possesses a good sense of humor but is very vulnerable and sensitive. So they make up a perfect loving couple.

Help With Essay on Homosexual Relationship
Help With Essay on Homosexual Relationship

They have their own cozy nook of 500 square meters on the last floor of a New York’s skyscraper with a picturesque view on harbor, swimming pool on their balcony and sun-lounge with lots of exotic flowers (Paola’s hobby); 3 modest cars (Porsche, Maybah and tiny Ferrari for out-of-town driving, Paolo calls it “my fiery stallion”). Paolo like a real gentleman and hero-lover indulges his Paola with presents and attention. “Blue banana” the internet site for the romantic dating was a sacred place where Paolo met his beloved and presented her (him) his first virtual flowers. Their first date was almost blind, but Paolo realized from the first withering glance cast on the internet photo distorted by the web camera that he found his only and unique “significant other”.

One day Paolo offered Paola to come and live together and share all his hardships and pleasures. They have been living in civil union for 12 months, but Paola like all self-esteeming respectable hearth keepers began insisting on real marriage with all its tinsel: white limousine, restaurant, 200 guests, wedding dress with bridal veil and a lifetime commitment “till death do us part”. Besides she was tired to stand all that misunderstanding and surprise of people on the streets poking their fingers into them with grins and fulminate, though she did her best not to pay attention to stupid people from the “other planet”.

Being the educated representatives of the democratic society they know that the institute of marriage has a long history and traces its development from the times of the primitive cultures and realize that true family is impossible without document. They want to be the same as the other people. Besides, this mere formality can add self-reliance to every person. P-a & P-o are proud of living in a just society where the interests of people are the primary task; even “dear lady” the Constitution says that all people are created equal. But real life turns out to be different for them: according to the law they are not allowed to get married and live a full-fledged family life. P-a is convinced that the government tries to take this right away from them compelling to be suffering: the society and the state are so ill-disposed and cruel because they are two loving individuals of the same sex. By the way, their neighbors Martin and Kelly who are quarrelling daily like cats and dogs and breaking up at regular intervals have their full authority to have the lawful matrimony and live together. Now they are happily preparing for the wedding. So Paola and Paolo are a bit envious for not having a chance to have the same luxuriance-marriage. Moreover their relations seem to be more sincere and devoted; besides the statistics shows that some couples like they are live better than usual couples do, and have fewer problems and scandals. Fortunately, a lot of their friends consider that sexual preferences of each individual do not have to make influence on the institution of marriage itself, and this weights a lot for Paolo and his lady-killer.

One more obstacle is their religious convictions that seem to differ like day and night with what their respected senior advisor of the Roman Pope- Joseph Ratzinger stated. Reading the article, Paola almost swooned with resentment. In his 12-page report this magnanimous signore stresses upon the fact that the Catholic Church considers the homosexual marriages to be immoral, unnatural and pernicious. He also mentions that there are absolutely no reasons to believe that the unisexual marriages can be of any resemblance to God’s plan of marriage and family. The marriage is a sacrament, and homosexuality is at variance with natural moral principles. Being criticized and misunderstood, offended sweethearts resorted to the help of the locomotive power- world net. On one of the site’s forums the humiliated and offended colleagues-gays were having heated arguments concerning their inevitable right to marry each other. There P-o & P-a found that somewhere in distant fabulous Netherlands the kind-hearted government passed the law accepting the unisexual marriages and giving our beloved couple the chance to create their own confederation of love and well-being. Oh, what a wonderful country that Netherlands! Long live Netherlands!

Everything seemed blue and pink for them, and their unclouded happiness knew no borders until one day came. Paola woke up and realized that their family is not valuable without a baby. Paola was dreaming to have a daughter and braid her hair, play with her “mothers and daughters”. Paolo was obsessed by the idea of having a son and playing baseball with him and cooking pizza and spaghetti for their mummy on the women’s day.

And again the state behaved as a wicked wizard: denigrated them as people and deprived them of the benefit to adopt children only because they have the other, different from normal, sexual orientation. Paola and Paola found no weighty reasons to be banned to have a baby they were dreaming about so desperately. They knew from journals and magazines that there are millions of poor children who do not have parents and do not get any attention and necessary minimum in their lives. They consider that there is no difference in the fact what the sexual orientation of the couple is. Paola knows for sure that the important thing for a baby is to be happy and be looked after. Children having same-sex parents can have the same expectations for health, adjustment and development as the children of usual couples do. Children do not care who their parents are, thinks P-o, they just need love, attention and care. As long as a child receives this, the sexual orientation of his parents makes no difference to him and his own development. A lot of children are homeless or live in the orphanages at best; a lot of them are suffering from parents’ humiliation and sexual harassment. P-o & P-a are not drugs or alcohol addicts, they are a well-off couple, but unluckily they do not have their own children from the past relations and they are sure that they are able to make a miserable child happy. They have enough time, money and desire to do this. They dream of having a baby or two and will do their best to become a real happy family.

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