Internet Love

My friend says: “Justin is such a wonderful man. He is sweet, and smart, and caring. I’m so in love with him.”

I say: “I’m so glad for you. How long have you been dating?”

She says: “8 months.”

I say: “That’s quite a time. Where do you usually spend evenings?”

She says:” Facebook.”

Modern Romance

Help with Essay on Internet Love

Help with Essay on Internet Love

Internet has changed our perception of the world. It has become a thread which holds us together. This is a new reality which we’re creating everyday from different continents. We’ve sunk into this reality completely and live it.

Internet gives an opportunity to read, to watch, to buy, to sell and to communicate. Why should we go elsewhere?

The most impressive is the fact that Internet is the place for dates. Yesterday you chose a dress by its size, color and style. Today you can do the same with a man. You just browse the offered list and choose any “item” you like. It sounds harsh, but so it is.

It is understandable that we don’t want to be disappointed and waste time going through numerous dates. However… don’t we miss real relationships?

Where is the charm of the first awkward eye contact and the first words he said? What about the first smile, the moment of anxiety and understanding each other with your eyes and gestures only? Typed words don’t have such power.

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