Essay on Ethical and Social Issues of the Internet

Arpanet network of the late sixties, which was designed to test new computer technologies and applications, has grown to a #1 database of knowledge, entertainments and risks – the Internet. However, good intentions of informational source had drastically changed till the end of XXth century. Today, the Internet is considered to be a virtual reality for youth and primary media source for others, who had entered into a computer system. Since the popularity of a little-known network had sky-rocketed to a virtual market, Internet experts have to investigate its spheres and find out issues to consider. Good technology, as it meant to be, has already crept into social, ethical and cultural elements of societies worldwide and people must keep their guard up to avoid symbiosis of man and machine. (more…)

Comparing and Contrasting Essay

Today, for many companies a website is the main tool on the basis of which the firm carries out the transactions flow between itself and the buyer. In indirect marketing the manufacturer utilizes the services of various types of independent marketing organizations or cooperative organizations that are located in the home country. When a manufacturer exports indirectly, the responsibility for carrying out the foreign selling job is transferred to some other organization. The companies chosen for analysis are: Starbucks, Microsoft and Xerox.