Essay on “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Lee Harper

Since colonization period of time, racism was a disease of civilization which affected all classes and nationalities. The main characters of the novel are faced with the problems caused by educational segregation of children, right violation and neighbors’ hostility. Thesis In this novel, Harper Lee vividly depicts that racism is a disease of the Maycomb society which infected ‘white’ population and high social classes.


Comparison Essay: King Lear vs. The Stone Angel

A Story Conflict
Theme of journey
Setting of Nature
Social Responsibility
Resistance to Social Rules
The idea of Madness
Minor Characters

Both literary works, King Lear and The Stone Angel, bring up questions concerning ideas of madness and reason, morality and traditions, social norms and human dignity. These works belong to different epochs, but represent similar problems of individual choice and social injustice, human cruelty and misunderstanding which cause terrible sufferings for the main characters. The main difference is gender of the protagonists: King Lear is a man while Hagar is a woman. Thesis King Lear and The Stone Angel are based on similar themes and social settings used as lens of social injustice and low morals.


Essay on The Canterbury Tales. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”

‘The Wife of Bath Tale’ is an integral part of the “Canterbury Tales” narration. In this Tale, Chaucer depicts social and moral issues, false values and social traditions typical for the Middle Ages. The most important is that Chaucer portrays experience and life situations through woman’s eyes, her experience and feelings. Thesis Through the character of the Wife of the Bath, Chaucer depicts the difference between experience and authority unveiling that the main character replaces authority by experience seeing the latter as the moral guide.


Essay Critique on “Living Like Weasels” by Annie Dillard

In the essay “Living like weasels”, Annie Dillard states that weasels and their life style is an example of good life people should follow. The essay under analysis is full of symbolic meanings and objects which help the author to convey and interpret the meaning of the work and underline its philosophical significance. Thesis The author uses different stylistic devices to create a message of the essay, but she does not express her ideas logically and clearly. (more…)

Essay on “Fast Food Nation”

In the book, “Fast Food Nation” E. Schlosser speaks about fast food culture and its impact on American population. He singles out the main characteristics of the fast food, its history and advantages. Schlosser argues that the image of fast food culture is replaced by a version of the social culture that is constituted by a process of ongoing struggle to comprehend and live through a world in which everything that was solid is melting into air. He speaks about fast food as both “a commodity and metaphor” which helps him to analyze and reveal the nature of this phenomenon. (more…)

Essay on “As You Like It”

In As You Like It we enter a brave new world of comedy. This play reveals a larger poetic reach and an ampler view of human absurdity than Shakespeare’s earlier comedies. As You Like It deals with the way in which the disenfranchised become the enfranchised and with the way in which an inimical world is saved through marriage. Orlando, an impoverished young man of ability and character, has been cheated of his birthright by his envious older brother; Rosalind of estimable qualities, has been deprived of her birthright by her father’s younger brother. The sin of Orlando’s older brother, Oliver, is matched by the sin of Duke Senior’s younger brother, Duke Frederick. The way in which a brutal, loveless world is turned into a world where those who have been cheated and deprived are rewarded by and through love is the ethical subject of Shakespeare’s magnificent play.


Essay on Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

In the novel Cat’s Cradle Kurt Vonnegut restates the argument that technology is not neutral and safe as it supposed to be. He sees science and technological development as ‘atomic bomb’ which can to wipe mankind off the face of the earth. The use of nuclear energy and nuclear power caused great public concern. Knowledge forces heroes to look for new ways and methods to change their life, but such scientists as Newt Hoenikker supposes that traditional knowledge limits his understanding of the universe and starts to seek for another source of development. (more…)

Essay on William Hogarth’s “Marriage A-la Mode”

Family is an important social institution which has a great impact on social relations and society in general. “Marriage A-la Mode” unveils moral and social problems dominated in the society. In these conditions, Hogarth’s satires dwell on the darker side of human nature, including his love of jokes and riddles. In his work, a spirit of mischievous and subversive anarchy runs through his vivid images of family life and human relations. Thesis social and moral problems depicted by Hogarth more than two centuries ago are still in evidence today. (more…)

Essay on “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote

The book “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote was written in 1966. The remarkable feature of this book is that it belongs to nonfiction genre based on real events. This book describes a terrible crime committed in Kansas when two offenders senselessly killed a family, both parents and two children. Truman Capote describes criminal situation and high criminal rates which become a great concern of police and society threatening public safety. Also, he unveils low morals of people and craving for money.

Essay on Examination of “Things Fall Apart”

In the novel Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe depicts life struggle and troubles faced by native people during colonial era. In general, the quest for kinship means a quest for self-determination which shows evolution of the main characters and role of religion and native land in their lives. By noting the shifts from one identity to another, the ‘quest for kinship’ demonstrates that human beings search different identities to reach the target of aspirations. (more…)

Essay on Haruki Murakami’s “After the Quake”

The motif of the vanishing person is in evidence again in After the Quake. In the collection’s first story, ” UFO in Kushiro” Komura is just an ordinary guy who works as a salesman at a high-fi equipment store in Tokyo. One day his wife, who had been obsessively watching the earthquake coverage on TV for five days, writes a succinct good-bye note and leaves. Until then Komura had been content. He didn’t ask for big things or ask big questions.  (more…)

Essay on Suicide as God’s Punishment and Revenge

The idea of suicide is crucial in Hamlet determining the struggle between live and death, moral and immoral actions and human will. Throughout the play, Shakespeare includes moral, religious and social causes which influence decisions of characters and their actions. (more…)

Essay on “A Small Good Thing” by Raymond Carver

“A Small, Good Thing” is one of the latest works of Raymond Carver. For several times, the author had been revising his original story “The Bath” and, finally, he had found out the very heart of it. As a result, an undefined short story of minimalist turned into a precise and structured piece of work with a beginning, middle and an end. It starts with loneliness, sorrow, hopelessness, and hate; yet, at the very end, it takes a form of repentance and redemption. A nameless baker, who is described as an incommunicative workaholic, isolated from the rest of the world, shows the best example of rebirth.


Essay on King Lear

The Use of Foil Characters in King Lear

“King Lear” was written between 1605-6 and reflects philosophical trends and world views as the social and political foundation the society. This play unveils values and traditions of the Middle Ages, and appeals to readers through its vividness and topicality of themes portrayed in the play.

Thesis Shakespeare uses foil characters in opposition to the main heroes in order to compare and contrast personal qualities, goodness and sins, values and traditions of the society.


Essay on Women’s Literature

Kate Chopin and Bessie Emery Head create powerful characters of women in their works portraying changing social roles of women and their life expectations. Kate Chopin and Bessie Head are feminist writers who appeal to emotions of readers through unique and real life images of women and their liberation. Both writers underline that women characters ‘fail’ at mothering while fighting for freedom and happiness. Thesis Both women-characters ‘fail’ at mothering when broke conventional women roles and go beyond patriarchal ideology of their epochs and cultures.


Essay on “The Color of Water” by James McBride

For two years, “The Color of Water” by James McBride was the #1 New York bestseller. What have caused the popularity of this book and how has it achieved public recognition? It is a revelation that describes endeavors of the son about his mother’s mysterious past. It is a life story that portrays the hardships of living and chances, one may find, choosing his own way. Ruth McBride had decided to go the way of thorns; yet, at the end she reaped the roses and found her own American Dream.


Essay on Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own”

In “A room of ones own” Virgina Woolf investigates the phenomenon called “androgynous” mind trying to find factors which influence a writer. Through the image of “Shakespeare’s Sisters” (women writers) Woolf depicts that women are denied opportunities to become writers limited by their social and domestic roles. And even if a woman like Judith has Shakespeare’s gift, she would be never accepted by other writers. (more…)

Essay. Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson

Discuss the Significance of the Title in “Fences” by August Wilson

A title is one of the most important elements of any literary work. It reflects its context and meaning, symbols and predicts plot development. In the play “Fences” has a symbolic meaning reflecting social and psychological problems faced by the characters and their complicated relations. Thesis The title “fences” is used as a frame which helps readers to grasp the idea and message of the play. (more…)

Essay on Poe’s poem “The Raven”


1.    Introduction
2.    The setting of the poem
3.    Symbols and literary techniques employed by the poet
4.    The motifs and the recurrent images of the poem.
5.   Conclusion

‘The Raven’ is one of Poe’s most famous poems and is the story of clinging to the memory of idealized lost love in spite of the fact that this love is doomed.  In the poem the bird is an ever-present reminder of the barriers currently separating the poet from his lost love.  The poet’s memory about his love eventually becomes less a permanent symbol of idealized beauty and love than a constant source of pain and personal negation. The setting of the poem, its symbolical features, literary devices and motifs are used by Poe to intensify the misery of the main character. (more…)

Essay on Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare exploits many social influences to impress a reader and make a narration more vivid, colorful, and philosophically valued. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, is the main character of the play who avenging his father’s death. The most impressing is that Hamlet questions the problems of individual choice confronted with the choice of the society embodied in its traditions and prejudices of people. Thesis Actions and thoughts of Hamlet are conditioned by his historical period of time and personal values of the protagonist.