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CustomEssayPapers.com warns! There seems to be no end to public ignorance! According to the recent internet survey held by our company, most of respondents still base their choice of the essay writing service on the site design and pricing policy, thus forgetting the main life’s truth that appearances are deceitful. Vexed with the results, CustomEssayPapers.com gives you the short briefing aimed at clarifying some issues concerned with the relation between the price and quality of papers.

It goes without saying that services demanding less than $10 per page are not worth your trust and time at all, lest it is your personal intent to squander your money. The average fee now starts at approx. $11,5 per page,  however, there are plenty of tricks and pitfalls surrounding the Paper Mills pricing policy.

Remember that at least three main factors form the price:

  • The urgency of the order;
  • Its academic level;
  • Academic level of the writer.

The lion’s share of the total cost goes to the writer’s salary. It is clear that professional custom writers with PhD or Master’s degrees will not work for peanuts, so if the price is dumped – be sure your order will be completed by some undergraduate student.

But there’s even more to it. “Probably the main trick they may toss with you, are the additional surcharges which you become aware of only postfactum”, says J. Hancock, CustomEssayPapers.com PR Manager. Seeing rather reasonable prices at some company’s webpage, most of users often do not notice the small print saying the price doesn’t include fees for primary research, bibliography, formatting, proofreading etc. This may result in the average order totaling in $40 – 50 more than it should have been.

CustomEssayPapers.com, on the other hand, OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCES that it doesn’t charge any additional fees apart from those indicated on its pricing webpage. The bibliography page, proofreading and formatting are carried out by our skillful team absolutely FOR FREE! This is what distinguishes us among other essay writing services. So by ordering your essay, term paper or coursework at CustomEssayPapers.com you pay the reasonable amount of money for excellent quality papers!