Essay on Nuclear Arms Proliferation

Nuclear arms proliferation is a dangerous and tremendous evil which pressures mankind through the 20th century. If we look back we could see that there has not been any century or a decade free of wars and armed conflicts, but the main question whether a nation has an obligation to go to war or not has not been answered yet. This question has agitated many people, politicians and common citizens, clergy and ethicists and is needed to be answered. Nuclear Arms is one of the dangerous weapons which can kill thousand of people and contaminate vast territories for thousands years.


Essay on the Mexican Revolution

For a long time, Latin America and Mexico had suffered from slavery and oppression, neocolonialism and imperialism. Since members of a community took an identical view of their culture, institutionalizing its autonomy risked per­petuating the role of the dominant elite and threatening basic individ­ual liberties to which the wider society could not remain wholly indiffer­ent, especially when disaffected individuals created disorder or asked for help. Mexican Revolution was one of the main steps against the U.S. dictatorship.


Essay. What Image Did The Nazis Convey to German Voters?

Today we are going to overview and discuss what image did the Nazis convey to German voters and  how did they successfully used media for supporting their political growth throughout the history, and we will analyze it according to the  book of Merry Wiesner and William Wheeler “Discovering the western past”.


Essay on War in Afghanistan

The United States played a key role in support of the Afhan mujahedin in the 1980s. However, once the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, U.S. involvement declined dramatically. In recent years, the United States has provided limited humanitarian assistance and support for U.N. efforts to resolve the war through negotiations. It has occasionally sent emissaries to contact various Afghan factions, and it has expressed concern about the production and export of illegal drugs. Washington has also been concerned that the instability and conflict have provided a haven for international terrorists. Finally, an American company, Unocal, in partnership with the Saudi firm Delta Oil announced plans for building two pipelines, one for oil and one for gas, to bring Central Asian gas and oil to markets through Afghanistan. These pipelines are not likely to be built unless the conflict is resolved. (Goodson, 38) (more…)