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Americans take great pride of the richness of their history and culture. This is not to mention the enviable status their state has gained today. As what one would expect with a so called “super power”, the political, economical and social events in their country is always at the forefront of current events worldwide. In fact, in every mishap in any part of the world – it is expected that they take part in the resolution of such problems. In fact many unknown countries take refuge in the Americas – further proving their worth in today’s society. As a young country, America has not always been highly regarded in the earlier part of their history. As a nation, they have been colonized a number of times and by varied nationalities. Interesting as it may seem, their history is not the sole element that is included in the American studies curriculum. Writing an American studies term paper can choose to discuss different research paper topics with their various sub-disciplinary courses, says. suggests that if you have to write a term paper on American studies, you would have to look at all the options you have with the varied interdisciplinary fields that are available. This course is non-linear in the sense that it allows any student to tackle such research paper topic in multiple angles. To illustrate the different academic fields that are included under this course, we have enlisted a few of them below.

  1. American literature
  2. American art
  3. American history

o America in the pre colonial era
o The colonization of America
o The American independence

  1. American culture
  2. America today
  3. Sociology and Anthropology in the United States of America
  4. Economy of the United States of America
  5. Urban studies in America
  6. American media

o Film
o Television
o Print

  • Gender issues and studies in America

o Homosexuality
o Women issues

  • African American studies
  • Asian American studies
  • Chicano Studies

o Mexican Americans
o Latin Americans

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