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Many people have the misconception that aviation is only related to being a pilot or a flight attendant. This is not true because there is more to aviation than flying a plane or an air craft. With this industry, a student may explore varied types of jobs – be it maintenance, engineering, sales or marketing and administrative.

Aside from the different types of function, it is also important to note that there are varied types of background that the aviation industry can be aligned with. This includes: military aviation, and civil aviation. is a company dedicated to provide the most extensive service in providing custom term paper writing for any term paper topic you have in mind. This, of course, includes the aviation industry. If you need an aviation essay with high marks, then better consult our professional and academic writers.

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The airline industry has a very rich beginning. As one of the industries who has experienced one of the biggest booms in human history, its rise paved the way for worldwide economic increase. The demand for travel remarkably increased, and this resulted to rapid increase in tourism, all over the world. However, this increase did not become a trend in the onset of the 21st century.

As all industries are susceptible to attack, the aviation industry suffered the fate of going downhill when they encountered several issues. The nature of these issues varies, as some are related to health while others are concerned with security. provides you with few of the challenges that the industry have been going through to help you on how you can go about writing your aviation essay.

  • When there was a terrorist attack on the United States of America on September 11, many individuals feared air travel. Furthermore, the security measures in the American soil heightened – this also became one of the reasons why many Americans opted not to take an airplane if there are other alternatives.
  • The proliferation of the SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic. The fear on the transmission of this air-borne virus and the health risk that it poses to general public became the primary reason why the aircraft industry suffered during this time.
  • Similar with SARS, the goal of limiting the bird flu propagation caused the aviation industry to suffer its numbers.
  • The Iraq war that transpired in 2003 also contributed to the downfall of the aviation industry.
  • Because of the economic crash that the United States of America had experienced, many individuals refrained from spending on airlines.
  • The environmental concerns that are laid before those people who work in the aviation industry. Some of the environment related concerns are:
  1. Noise brought about by the air craft
  2. The emissions that are release by the air craft.
  3. The proper disposal of an air craft.

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