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There are almost 500 Canadian studies program offered all over the world. This just shows the interest that people are slowly taking on this country, its people and their culture. This highly diverse country is located in the continent of North America. Because of the vast area that it covers, it is considered as the second largest country in the word. As a country that occupies a wide area, Canada has two listed official languages: English and French. Its diversity is not limited on the language but also on the nature of their economy. While some are reliant on natural resources, such as agriculture – others remain keen on contributing to the economy by trade. Geographically, Canada is divided into three territories and ten provinces. Ironically, the breadth of their land area is not equated to their population having less than 4 individuals for every square kilometer.

With this proportion, Canada is considered to have the lowest man to land area ratio in the world. understands that the main interest of any student enrolled in a Canadian Studies course is not its geography and demographics. Many students find interest on this country’s people, culture and history. As such, these are the three common bases for conceptualizing term paper topics for their Canadian Studies term paper.

When considering a country as a topic, it is very important to understand how the country is sub-divided. The area segregation in every country is unique, just as much each sector is different from the other. As mentioned earlier, Canada consists of ten provinces and 3 territories. In Canada, provincial government is considered more autonomous than its territorial government counterpart. To further illustrate the difference of each area, enumerates economic facts for each to help you in writing that Canadian studies term paper.

  • Yukon

Traditionally, the industry of fishing and trapping are the main sources of income for this territory. With the onset of gold rush, the economy of this territory shifted to mining. Aside from mining, Yukon today is also dependent on manufacturing, tourism and hydroelectricity.

  • Northwest territory

This area boasts of the highest GDP in the country. This is primarily caused by their focus on mining. They currently have 23 mines with valuable resources, such as: petroleum, diamonds and gold.

  • Nunavut

Just like the other two territories in the country, Nunavut’s economy is also dependent on mining.

  • British Colombia

Though the British Colombian economy also includes mining as their source of income, this province is majorly dependent on a resource based economy. Today, their economy is centered on forestry.

  • Alberta

This province boasts of the most diverse and strongest economy in the country. Its economy is dependent on petroleum, technology, and agriculture. Alberta also enjoys being a tourist destination, as several attractions are available her.

  • Saskatchewan

Mining remains as one of the important economic sector. However, real estate is at the forefront of their economy. Aside from this two, Saskatchewan also relies on trade, agriculture and manufacturing.

  • Manitoba

The strongest contributor in this province’s economy is agriculture. Their dependence in natural resources is strong, as shown by their strength in energy, mining, and forestry.

  • Ontario

As the home to the most populous city in the area (Toronto), it is not a surprise that Ontario also prides itself on being responsible for more than 50% of the manufacturing shipments in the country. Aside from their dependence on manufacturing, its economy also includes agriculture and energy as major sources of their income.

  • Quebec

Quebec enjoys an economy that is dependent on natural resources, as they are an agricultural region. In contrast, many technology based industries have also invested in this province.

  • New Brunswick

The urban area of this province is reliant on a service based economy such as: finance, education and retail.

  • Nova Scotia

Their economy was originally based on fishery. Since it was not sustained, their economy shifted towards the development of small business sectors whose interest varies from mining to agriculture, and even to film.

  • Prince Edward Island

The economy of this provincial island is mainly dependent on fishery, tourism and agriculture.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador

Their economy’s major contributor comes from the finance, public administration and health care industries.

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