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The availability of all types of information has become very open to everyone with the onset of technological developments. With radio, television, publications, internet and other forms of multi-media, the access of information has increased within a short period of time. This convenience in the availability of data can prove to be both helpful and unconstructive. When one has easy access to information, learning and sharing of practical and constructive data is easier. Another valuable contribution that accessibility brings is the ability of people to communicate in real time, regardless of their distance. The benefits of multi-media brings cannot be denied, because it brings us ease unlike before. On the other hand, all good things have an opposing side. Complete access of information can become unconstructive if the data we can receive is detrimental to the society, especially to the younger generation. There have been cases that access to such damaging and negative data allowed for disadvantageous and harmful societal and individual effects.

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Children who have been constantly exposed to violent forms of media, had a higher tendency of imitating the same image he has seen. Children carrying guns and engaging in shooting spree had once been a common sight in some schools all over the world. This bothering incidences and reports just shows that sometimes, too much of something can result to destruction. As individuals will always have the drive to enact and strive towards achieving a platonic society, the control of information dissemination becomes a necessity.

Censorship is the repression and containment of speech or communication because of its offensive, unacceptable and destructive content. Government is the body that is primarily tasked with imposing censorship on any given society. In most countries, a specific department is instituted and created to be tasked as a censorship body. Varied forms of communications are controlled to ensure that the safety and rights of the governments and their constituents are protected. Nonetheless, some groups argue that censorship is open to abuse.

Many media practitioners say that the government does not only control the flow of information but their actions, as well. Looking into these opposing views on censorship is a critical element in writing your censorship essay. is a trusted company who provides extensive service on custom essay writing. By seeking our assistance, writing any type of academic paper can be a lot easier.

There are varied types of media and communication venues that remain open for censorship. enumerates some of this, by providing examples on how censorship is imposed on them.

Censorship in publication

Books are banned in a specific country or group is dependent on the culture or the society where the censorship occurs.

  1. In a province in China, the children’s novel Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, is banned because the animal characters acted as humans
  2. In Lebanon, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is banned because it was considered offensive to Christian faith
  3. The Satanic Verses was banned in many countries because it attacked the Islam faith.

Censorship in film

  • The following films were banned in the United States of America
  1. The Profit was banned because Scientologists said that the film contained wrong information on the death of Lisa McPherson
  2. In Oklahoma, The Tin Drum was banned initially for it showed a child is performing oral sex
  3. n Savannah, the movie The Last Temptation of Christ was initially banned.

Internet censorship and banned sites in accordance with French and German law. Some of these sites were Neo-Nazi by nature

  • Censorship in Music
  1. In United States of America, when NBC aired a concert of Madonna, the station changed the artist’s depiction of crucifixion with images of African orphans
  2. In Iran, many female singers receive extreme restrictions
  3. The band Rolling Stones, when performing on television, was banned to sing the line Let’s Spend the Night Together and instead, replace the word Night with Time

Video Games Censorship

  • The following games have been recalled because of sensitivity issues.
  1. In UK, the game Mind Quiz was not allowed in United Kingdom because the word spastic is used.
  2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was banned because of the option where the character can have sex with his girlfriend.

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