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Maintaining peace and order is one of the many goals of any society or government. This is because a calm and orderly society does not only ensure tranquility but it also provides a basis for a stable economy. In turn, a stable economy provides a venue or arena for society members to reach their maximum potential, as an individual. Hence, the government keenly works towards maintaining social peace to ensure that the mentioned positive social effect is attained. However, as no task comes fairly easy – maintaining peace can become a very daunting and challenging task. Then and now, the existence of unlawful acts remains inevitable. With the further advancement in society, individuals who commit unlawful acts persist, if not escalate. These very people are the basis for the institution of criminal justice government bodies and organizations in many societies. Essentially, criminal justice is anything that is related to social control, dissuade commission of crime, and penalize those who have committed unlawful acts.

Criminal justice can be a system or an organization which is instituted by the concerned government. The main thrust of this organization or practice is to protect the rights of the victims. As equality and sensitivity always puts a weight on any government set up or organization, the rights of the accused are maintained during the course of the investigation despite the charges and allegations against him. The whole process of criminal justice is highly complex and perplexing to many. Understanding this complex procedure can be very helpful if you are planning to come up with a criminal justice essay.

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Most often than not, criminal justice is referred to by some as criminology. Truth is, these two academic discipline is entirely distinct from each other. While criminal justice is concerned with ensuring justice within the society, criminology is a course that is dedicated to understanding crime history, per se. The latter course views crime as a social phenomenon, where the criminology experts attempt to understand the workings of a crime perpetrator, and the causes of which, as well. To define criminal justice as a separate academic discipline from criminology is a good start off point for your term paper on criminal justice. Writing a criminal justice term paper can be easier if you have found reasonable and trustworthy research and reference materials. To help you find a useful reference book for your term paper, provided you with a list of which below.

Criminal Justice Today: An introductory text for 21st century

  • By Frank Schmalleger

Criminal justice: an introduction to philosophies, theories and practice

  • Written by: Ian Marsh, Gaynor Melville and John Cochrane

Criminal Justice: United Kingdom Association for Legal and Social Philosophy

  • Elspeth Attwwoll
  • David Goldberg

Criminal Justice: a brief description

  • Frank Schmalleger

Counseling criminal justice offenders

  • Ruth Masters
  • Ruth E. Masters

Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

  • Karen M. Hess
  • Christine Hess Orhtmann

Criminal Justice: balancing crime control and due process

  • Matthew Delisi

Criminal justice: retribution vs. restoration

  • Eleanor Hannon Judah
  • Michael Bryant

DNA and the criminal justice system: the technology of justice

  • David Lazer

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