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With progress comes continuous change in the façade of any country’s landscape. The continuous need for improvement and the continuous demand for further development is one of the factors that pushes advancement in construction. Many countries today invest in construction not only out of necessity but also as an investment. There are many feats in enhancing the construction business, as engineers and professionals tend to become more daring, experimental and adventurous in conceptualizing construction projects. None of this would come to reality without the skills on a qualified engineer, as they are the brain child of majority of the highly acclaimed construction projects in the world. However, for an engineer – it is an obvious fact that all of these would start in an academe. Moreover, it is in an academe that you gain the basic knowledge that you would need before you gain professional experience.

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Engineering and Construction Term Papers

Engineering and Construction Term Papers

When one thinks of the fusion of building science, progress and aesthetics, one’s mind could not help but wander to the latest engineering and construction projects in Dubai. Today, this emirate enjoys the status of one of the most highly acclaimed political territory in the world. It does not only boast of its natural resources of oil, but it also boasts of man-made legendary construction projects that keeps the world at awe. Each one is unique and grand on its own, making this tiny piece of land achieve progress every millisecond. provides you with some of the most remarkable pieces of construction in this emirate. Go through the list and you might just adapt a term paper idea that can make a remarkable contribution to the discipline, the way these projects provided a remarkable contribution to engineering and construction history and industry.

  • Burj Dubai is a skyscraper in Dubai and currently known as the tallest man made structure. There were several news that came out that the construction is not yet finished. The cost of this project is estimated at 1.5 million dollars.
  • The Dubai Sports City completion date is on the year 2011. When completed, it will become the very first sports city which will integrate sports facilities and apartment buildings. The cost of this project is at 4 billion dollars.
  • Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort is a luxury hotel that is currently being developed. What makes this project exceptional is that it is located at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Falcon City of Wonders is a project currently under construction in Dubai. Once completed, this will become a venue where all the Seven Wonders of the World will be replicated.
  • Dubailand is set to be completed on 2012. Set to surpass Disneyland, Dubailand will become the world’s largest theme park once finished. It will be a complex that will feature six different areas: Attractions and Experience World, Eco-Tourism World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Downtown and Retail and Entertainment World.

The various developments in this small piece of land are just a testament on how engineering can make a huge impact on the society. Engineering does not only bring forward proofs of construction advancement but it can also make a huge impact on a society’s psyche. Economy is also one of the foremost beneficiaries of engineering developments. The wide scope of the effect of an edifice must be shared by the engineering and construction term paper that you would submit to your professor.

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