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Global warming and different experiences on climate change have become very common lately. Regardless of the continent and time zone you are in, it is not a surprise if you have experienced the effect of such environmental changes. With several environmental issues at hand that relentlessly affect the human life, learning ways to attain sustainability must be an inevitable part of our daily life. Sustainability means the ability of the ecological system to maintain the diversity of the biological system, while maintaining its productivity. With respect to environment, sustainability is the very answer to preserve nature. To ensure sustainability is to ensure that there is adequate environmental management and appropriate human consumption management. These two elements go hand in hand since human consumption is the consumption of natural resources, while environmental management incorporates human intervention.

Environmental management is a fusion or mixture of varied subjects under the discipline of environmental studies. Some of the subjects incorporated her are earth science, geology and biology, among others. As with environmental studies, the main thrust of environmental management is to maximize the potential of nature while preserving nature.

Environmental Studies and Ecology Term Papers

Environmental Studies and Ecology Term Papers

That is, in the process of sustaining life, nature must not suffer. On the other hand, human consumption management is the field dedicated towards sustaining human life while protecting nature. This can be achieved by ensuring three points. One, that the resource used by humans is renewable. Next, should the resource be non-renewable, it must have substitutes that can be considered as renewable. Finally, human waste must not be more than what human waste management process can handle or manage. Read more on the following: buy term papers online, basic parts of a term paper and aging term paper writing assistance.

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To preserve nature and to protect the environment, many organized environmental programs and institutions have been instituted. provides you with a list of these organizations which can provide you with the term paper ideas that you can help you write your term paper on environmental studies and ecology.

  • Earth charter initiative
  • African Wild Dog Conservancy
  • Earth first
  • Aga Khan Trust for culture
  • Earth island institute
  • American Indoor Air Quality Council
  • Earth liberation front
  • World wide fund for nature
  • Antinea Foundation
  • Earth liberation prisoner support network
  • A Rocha
  • Yellowstone to Yukon conservation initiative
  • Earth policy institute
  • ATWA International
  • Environmental law foundation
  • Bellona Foundation
  • Environmental investigation agency
  • Biofuelwatch
  • World business council for sustainable development
  • Forest ethics
  • Biosphere Expeditions
  • Forests and the European union resource network
  • Bird Life International
  • Whale and dolphin conservation society
  • Forest stewardship council
  • Borneo Orangutan Survival
  • Friends of nature
  • Center for a World in Balance
  • Gaia Mater
  • Center for International Environmental Law
  • Regenesis – the global movement for environment sustainability. Liberty and social justice
  • Global Vision International
  • Climate Change monitoring and information network
  • International Union for conservation of nature
  • Coal river mountain watch
  • International analog Forestry network
  • Conservation foundation
  • Nature serve
  • International institute for sustainable development
  • Conservation law foundation
  • Mountain wilderness

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