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Face studies has been a long established science that has been in constant dispute, when validity is concerned. Face studies is an academic branch that considers the outline and appearance of face when trying to pinpoint and identify an individual’s character and abilities. There are two branches of science, or pseudo science to some academics, that concerns face studies. They are phrenology and physiognomy. Phrenology is derived from the Greek word phren which means mind and logos which means knowledge.

With its literal meaning, knowledge of the mind – phrenology states its hypothesis that determining an individual’s traits is possible by looking and feeling the shape of the skull. Its influence on psychiatry was at its height in the 19th century when German physiologist and neuro-anatomist Franz Joseph Gall developed it. However, its credibility was attacked by French physiologist Francois Magendie stating that phrenology is a pseudo science, because of its lack of scientific basis. Meanwhile, physiognomy is coined from the Greek word physis which means nature and gnomon which means interpreter or judge.

Face Studies Term Papers

Face Studies Term Papers

Physiognomy attempts to understand a person’s character in relation his face or outer appearance. The history of physiognomy dates back to Ancient Athens, and began to gain academic attention when Aristotle frequently referred to it on his Prior Analytics. Like phrenology, physiognomy has gained criticisms when credibility was concerned. However, unlike phrenology, physiognomy is not dismissed as a pseudo-science because some academics revive it, conducting researches how faces are equated to a person’s character.

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There are certain guidelines that have been outlined by phrenology and physiognomy in determining characteristics, in relation to an individual’s physical attributes.

Below, CustomEssayPapers.com provides you with some of the basics under these academic disciplines.
Phrenology establishes that a person’s skull is a brain map. Each bump in the head is assessed by a phrenologist to determine his character and behavior. Gall enlisted 27 brain organs, which are as follows:

  • Reproduction
  • Affection towards offspring
  • Friendship
  • Courage
  • Murder
  • Intelligence
  • Proprietary instinct and the tendency to take another’s property
  • Authority
  • Self-importance
  • Consideration
  • Remembering
  • Sense of time and place
  • Sense of remembering other people
  • Recollection of words
  • Recollection of language
  • Appreciation of color
  • Appreciation of music
  • Understanding numbers
  • Sense of construction
  • Prudence
  • Sense of reality
  • Wit
  • Talent on poetry and language arts
  • Morality
  • Skill of imitation
  • Faith and belief
  • Determination

Physiognomy, when determining characteristics, considers a number of facial parts and features.

  • Hair
  1. Fine and silky hair – sensitive and fragile
  2. Thick hair – likes challenges in life


  • Wide forehead – clever and practical
  • Narrow forehead – would always need to think things thoroughly
  • High rounded forehead – idealistic and friendly
  • Receding forehead – impatient and very impulsive


  • Small eyes that constantly shifts – secretive and inconsistent
  • Unevenly set eyes – person has unconventional views
  • Eyes and eyebrows are slanted upwards – opportunist
  • Eyes and eyebrows are slanted downwards – person has a tendency to be abused


  • Nose with a good size – wealth
  • Oversized tip of the nose – violent
  • Upturned nose – luck and love towards socializing
  • High bridge – curious and with high energy
  • Small nose – shy
  • Short – joyful and natural


  • Full lips – sensitive and caring
  • Large lips – has expensive taste
  • Large mouth – very vocal
  • Small lips – selfish and mean

Among the two, selecting physiognomy over phrenology seems to be the more reasonable and reliable choice for your face studies term paper. This academic discipline, sadly, does not have much reference materials because this academic course’s validity has always been questioned.

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