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All crimes are motivated by a specific driving force. Some are driven by oppression or revenge, while some are motivated by money. Hate crimes are the crimes whose main motivation is discrimination. This type of crime is directed towards an individual or victim who is pre-judged because of the orientation, gender or race that he belongs to. Sometimes referred to as bias-motivated crimes, the level of execution of the hate crimes vary. While some are done by sending hate mails, others are more extreme – such that the perpetrator verbally – or even bodily – harms the victim concerned. Governments take active participation in the control of hate crimes. As all countries are pre-disposed to promote equality, many law makers instituted laws and government centers to help address the issue on the proliferation of hate crimes.

Custom Made Hate Crimes Term Papers

Custom Made Hate Crimes Term Papers

The best way an individual can do to assist this is to report such incidences to the authorities. This is not only intended for your personal benefit but also for the society. As the law enforcement group gathers data and information on hate crimes, any information that they will receive will prove to be beneficial for them. When writing a hate crimes term paper, it is a critical part of research to understand all facets that are related to hate crimes.

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If you need any term paper ideas in writing your academic paper on hate crimes, then we suggest that researching extensively is the first step to do it. As part of our intent in thorough assistance, we have enlisted below a number of reference materials which you may consult for your hate crimes term paper. The list below contains the title of the book, with their authors.

Hate Crimes: causes, controls and controversies

  • Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld

This book provides a comprehensive picture on what drives perpetrators to commit hate crimes and the government participation towards it.

Hate crimes; Criminal law and identity politics

  • James B. Jacobs
  • Kimberly Potter

This publication provides the laws that have been instituted by US Congress and state legislatures to control hate crimes

Hate crimes; Confronting violence against lesbians and gay men

  • Gregory M. Hereck
  • Kevin Berrill
  • Kevin T. Berrill

This book focuses on movement and actions against gay violence. The focus of the authors are not limited to the victim, as they also attempt to understand the psyche of the perpetrator.

Hate Crimes: new social movements and the politics of violence

  • Valerie Jenness
  • Kendal Broad

Published in 1997, this piece attempts to understand why some hate crimes gather more publicity than other hate crime

Crimes of hate: selected readings

  • Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld
  • Diana Ruth Grant

This is a paper that provides comprehensive articles that are lifted from various disciplines.

Hate Crimes: A reference hand book

  • Donald Altschiller

This is a basic reference book on hate crimes that provides fundamental information which includes: history, examples, researches, and organizations that are concerned with hate crimes

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