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Labor or working is the driving force of any economy. Without labor, an economy becomes listless and lethargic. As such, the importance of labor is unquestioned. Any institution is founded by the work force. Regardless of today’s receding figures on labor unions and labor issues, labor studies remains important. Because labor studies incorporate industrial relationships and employment concerns, labor studies is also referred as employment or industrial studies. However, because the terms industrial and employment are limiting, many academic institutions employ labor studies as a terminology for such course.

Labor studies is an academic discipline that is dedicated towards the examination of the labor group. It is a multi disciplinary discipline that is grounded on the benefits and concerns of the labor group. The usual curriculum of many academias includes the role of labor unions, the diversified work force group, the family and social pressure, globalization and industrialization, and the corporate view on employee-employer conflict resolution.

The mentioned subjects under this course are just few of the interesting research paper topics that you can choose to discuss for you labor studies term paper. suggests that it may also be best to look into the varied elements of organized labor, as this is the more interesting and controversial part of labor studies. However, since this part provides constant debate, extensive research and a just view on things becomes a necessity.

When industrial revolution began, labor studies found its way into the interest of many academics. The varied unresolved labor issues that rose from colossal social and economic change paved the way for the need of labor studies. At that time, the incidences on labor related issues are so immense that it is threatening economic sabotage and societal instability. These labor issues include: low wages, lack of benefits, dangerous jobs, abusive management, high turn over on employees, and strike.

Today, though several international groups and local and national governments tend to such issues, the need for an academic discipline dedicated towards labor studies remains important. Whether it is on economics, history or law, the core foundation of labor studies is on the three major theoretical frameworks. outlines these perspectives to serve as your guide in writing your labor studies term paper. The three perspectives are more known as the unitarism, pluralism and radicalism.

  • The unitarist perspective uses the concept of a family, when describing the relationship of employer and employee. With this, the management and staff work towards a single goal – which is to enrich the company. Loyalty is expected from all employees, where the management is viewed as the father, who has the highest authority. Because of the paternal take on things, disruptions are discouraged. Trade union where employees air their grievances is an unnecessary element of the organization.
  • The pluralist perspective states that the management and employees are two equally important members of the organization. The employees usually organize themselves into a union, to have a unified voice on several issues. To attend and address certain conflicts, the company and the union resolves it by collective bargaining agreement.
  • The radical perspective is always identified with the Marxist theories. German philosopher and communist Karl Marx is one of the major and famed proponents of trade unions. The main views on radicalism are centered on the inequality of trade union and capitalist group. The capitalist society is said to encourage this segregation, making organized labor unions a natural reaction to capitalist exploitation.

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