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In every country, literature is an important part of their culture. Literature can give an idea on the character of any group or era. It evolves over time, just as much as human and their cultures do. It is a reflection of the society, and a major component or part of development and social understanding. Many literary pieces have been contributory to history, having played important roles in initiating societal change. In many instances as recorded in our history, some published materials have been considered subversive as the writers have expressed their criticisms and observations against a regimen, organization or incident.

A few times, many literary writers and academics have been executed just by the mere existence of a literary piece that lucidly illustrates their view points. Today, many students who are taking academic studies on humanities – particularly literature studies – are required to write literature term paper. The most common custom term paper of this kind is a literature critique paper. A critique on a literary piece is an academic paper that focuses on the opinion of the writer on a specific published material.

Literature Term Papers

Literature Term Papers

To make the writer’s claims substantial and credible, he must conduct extensive research on his chosen term paper topic. The primary purpose of a literature review is to identify criticisms, impact, and explore its areas of controversy. Many students are often times intimidated by this task, because they are required to tackle a well known published material. understands the fear and apprehension of a novice student writer. As such, we have created a list of guide lines which you may use to help you write an academic paper on literature.

Before writing any critique on any literary piece, it is important to remember to take notes of the requirements of your professor. Most likely, he would give you a list of literary pieces which you can choose from. Depending on the scope of your course, the list that your instructor will provide will most likely be based on the works of an author, based on its genre, based on a specific era, or based on a country or culture. Read more on the following: term paper cover page, theology research paper and APA format term paper writing assistance. suggests that in whatever your chosen literary piece is, it is important to choose one that best interests you. Remember that you are not only writing a term paper but you will also be required to read that book, and conduct additional research about it. As such, you would have to maintain interest with your term paper topic, to ensure that the energy you would devote on the first part of the academic paper is the same with the latter part of the paper.

To further help you, we have provided here a list of step by step guide on how to write your literature term paper.

  • The first obvious step is to read the piece that you have chosen. Go beyond reading, and make sure you understand it. Sometimes, you may need to read a piece over and over again before you thoroughly understand it because of the subtle messages that the author would want to relay. Sometimes an accompanying reading guide is also published by the same author. It will be good if you can get your hands on them, because it will provide you with an insight that is provided by the author himself.

  • Conduct research about the piece. Other papers may have been written which critiques the same piece you have chosen. These are the first materials that you should look into. Consider researching history books on when the piece is written, as well, because it will give you a clue on what influenced the writer socially or historically.
  • Create a term paper outline before you write your essay. Write down all your term paper ideas and segregate them into introduction, body and conclusion.
  • Begin to write your term paper. Make sure that you use the references that you have researched and do not forget to document them through the use of foot notes or end notes.
  • Check your paper again. Term paper editing is best done if you detach yourself from your paper for a few days. Do not forget to check word use, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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