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Mythology is considered as a compilation of old stories on people. These stories are often directed towards the origin of human, a civilization’s history, their ancestors and also heroes. Folk lores, on the other hand, are stories, music and legends of an ethnic group. What binds these two literary pieces together is their element of mysticism and creativity. Moreover, both myths and folk lores are stories that have been passed down from generation to another. Though not an exact science, many students still opt to take an academic course on mythology and folk lore. As part of human culture – and in essence, history – students and many professors consider this to be a valuable part of the academics. Though myth is synonymous to falsehood, the use of the word mythology in the academic sense does not share this characteristic.

Buy Custom Made Mythology and Folklore Term Papers

Buy Custom Made Mythology and Folklore Term Papers

In an institution, very few academics brand mythological stories or tales as true or false. Oftentimes, scholars use the word myth to refer to any story that is considered traditional or cultural. On the other hand, folk lore is not limited to stories or music alone. The transmission of folk lore culture also includes beliefs, customs, dance and even oral history.

Anything related to the tradition of a population is considered as part of the folk lore culture. Contrary to popular belief of the general public, mythology and folk lore has function beyond entertainment. Knowing the functions of these two literary elements will assist you in writing your mythology and folklore term paper. believes that thoroughly grasping your chosen term paper topic is essential in any type of academic custom term paper writing.

To understand something is to understand its purpose. Mythology and folk lore were created for a reason. enumerates the basic functions of both.

  • Functions of myth
  1. It institutes a model for conduct and actions. Many of the characters found in many mythological stories represent human characteristics. Oftentimes, writers of mythology use representation. Trees for knowledge, Lion for power are just few of the common portrayals we see.
  2. It provides a religious encounter. Some cultures adapt myths by detaching themselves from reality and living life, as if on a mythical age. Once undergoing a mythical experience, people will have a sense of being closer to the divine.
  3. It provides us with moral questions. The creation of Frankenstein, for instance, brings up the issue on man’s attempt in re-creating life.
  • Functions of folk lore
  1. It provides us with an escape from reality. When reading folk lore, we are lost in a fantasy that allows us to become free from restrictions that are imposed by the society.
  2. It helps us to validate the culture of a society. Aside from becoming a proof to a society’s practices, folk lore can also be used to justify why an action becomes a necessity.
  3. It helps us to educate the younger generation. Folk lore stories are often created to impart values to its intended readers. Reading them would allow the readers to understand the importance of good character.
  4. It allows social control. In some societies, folk lore – in the form of songs or proverbs – is used against individuals for the purpose of punishment. In the olden days, someone who went against social norms is ridiculed by reciting such folk lore.

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