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It is very apparent from the name of the course that the main interest of this discipline is on the Native Americans. Academic programs on Native Americans aim to enhance the academic teaching and research on this specific area of interest. Aside from which, this course also allows students to raise consciousness and knowledge on the American Indian’s history, culture and socio political status in the United States of America. Many universities who offer a course on Native American studies institutes academic subjects that aim to understand their way of living and the developments in their culture throughout history. This also aims to pinpoint the fusion of other cultures, such as the European, into their own. knows that as part of the academic requirements in any university, you are most likely required to submit and come up with your own Native American studies term paper. Read more on the following: research paper introduction, MLA style research papers and research paper template.

Students always aim to come up with a very efficient academic paper. With the constant goal of having a good mark or grade for any course, students would always strive to produce academic papers that are reliable and highly effective. – your most trusted company that provides extensive custom term paper writing service – suggests that doing so would be easy if you have the right materials to start with.

Your academic paper is as good as your resource materials. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that you take precautionary measures in selecting your resource materials. In your library, you would have great chances of seeking something that fits the requirements set by your professor. However, with today’s technology – it would not be a surprise that many students would opt to consult the internet prior to going through the library’s card catalog. The internet is a very useful tool for looking for research materials.

However, despite its accessibility, it is sad to say that this is not really equated to its reliability. Hence, discretion in choosing which sites to cite as a reference must be done with scrutiny. To help you with your quest to look for that reliable research material, enlists the following sites that are worth checking out.

  • Indian country today


  • Indian Country Today is a reliable publisher that uses multiple media to provide information and news on the Native Americans. Aside from the site that they have, Indian Country Today also publishes a weekly newspaper and magazines.
  • Native American Rights Fund or NARF


  • In the United States of America, NARF is a non profit organization. They provide legal assistance (through the provision of legal representation) to Native Americans – be it an individual, tribe or organization. Ever since they began their operation, they have extended assistance to many Indian people. Some of the benefits that they have provided includes: protection of Native Americans’ right to vote and sustaining their traditions by sustaining their right to hunt on their land.
  • Native American Women’s Health Education Research Center or NAWHERC


  • What separates NAWHERC from other American Indian organizations is that it focuses on the rights of Native American women. Aside from tackling justice related issues, this organization’s main women related issues are on the reproductive health and rights.
  • Indian Health Service: The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives


  • As the name of their organization implies, their main concern is on providing and ensuring that quality health services are readily accessible and available to both Native Americans and Native Alaskans. The goal of this organization is to increase awareness and promote practice on health – be it concerned on their physical, social, mental and spiritual aspect.
  • Native Art Network


  • This website provides a venue for many Native American artists. By showcasing and featuring American Indian Art, this site aims to promote the history, culture and arts of the Native Americans.

Aside from having a reliable resource with these suggested sites, you might also gain term paper ideas for your Native American studies term paper. Browsing through these sites might just give you ideas on what term paper topic to discuss. However, if you could not seem to have even the slightest idea on how to go about writing your academic paper on Native American studies, then better consult us – the professionals of

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