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The welfare of people is always at the forefront of the concerns of any government. As one of the contributing components in establishing the society’s well being, utmost importance must always be delegated to this sector. Health care began as an illness related sector where it was viewed only as an element that focuses on the treatment and prevention of diseases. However, this view shifted in the later years. From being mainly concerned with sickness – many health practitioners provides a holistic approach in enhancing and ensuring the health of the individuals in the society. Aside from the physical aspect, medical practitioners today also involve themselves with developing and enhancing an individual’s psychological, social and at times, even spiritual health. Aside from the management of the holistic health of people, health care is also concerned with the government participation on the provision of health services. Read more on the following: aging research paper, agriculture research paper and gender and sexuality research paper writing help.

Custom Made Term Papers on Nursing and Healthcare

Custom Made Term Papers on Nursing and Healthcare

The usual concerns on this industry today are: health insurance, public health, and health care related research. In many countries, many organizations and the government takes active participation in providing health facilities and services through health insurance. This insurance, per se, is the reimbursement of the cost incurred by an individual when seeking health care services. Public health also remains to be an important component of health care because since this refers to the general state of health in a given population, it is one of the indicators that health related programs are effective.

Among the three health care related issues, health care research is one of the most important things that a nursing and health care student is pre-occupied with. Research in health, says, starts in the academe. As part of any curriculum on health related course, students are required to come up with a nursing and healthcare term paper.

In essence, Medical research is divided into two categories. These are: the clinical trials and preclinical research. Clinical trials determine the safety and efficacy of new and existing medical treatments. This type of research is often conducted by pharmaceutical companies to determine whether the medicine that they have developed is effective and safe.

Meanwhile, pre clinical research is the type of research that aims to provide new and relevant information on the development of new treatments and medicine. Many medical institutions and government organizations conduct this research, with an aim to provide a valuable contribution to the medical industry.

These two types of research are inter-connected as pre clinical research precedes clinical trial. helps you identify further differences by enumerating the guidelines in effect when conducting any medical research. We advise that you go through the list below to identify if you can get any term paper idea on the term paper topic that you have chosen.

Pre clinical research is the first step in conducting any medical research. This type of research can either be in vitro or in vivo. In vitro research is done in a controlled environment while in vivo research uses living organisms. Pre clinical research is done to identify whether a particular treatment can already be tried on humans. It also identifies the safe dose for clinical trials.

Clinical trials are sub-divided into five phases:

  • Phase 0 is also called as the micro dosing studies on humans. This phase aims to identify whether the drug acts, as per the findings in the pre clinical research.
  • Phase I is the stage when the treatment is tried on human subjects. Many of the trials require their human subjects to be healthy. This attempts to identify the safety of the drug on humans.
  • Phase II further identifies the safety profile of the treatment. In this phase, the drug is assessed on whether it works or not.
  • Phase III further identifies the definite efficacy of the drug in research.
  • Phase IV is also identified as the Post marketing surveillance trial. This phase identifies and establishes the safety of a drug, including drug interactions.

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