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Psychoanalysis is a set of methods used to identify the motives of human actions. It aims to understand an individual’s unconscious processes and their connection to his actions. In a therapeutic perspective, this is a form of therapy that attempts to interpret dreams and collect previous experiences to resolve current problems experienced by the patient. The birth of psychoanalysis was due to the exceptionally remarkable mind of Sigmund Freud. At the start of Psychoanalysis was not regarded by many.

Psychoanalysis Term Papers

Psychoanalysis Term Papers

It was not a very familiar form of therapy since it was not an established science. There are three key points that psychoanalysis attempts to attain. One, it attempts to investigate the mind – particularly the unconscious part of our psyche. Second, it is considered as a therapy for neurosis. Finally, it is an independent academic discipline that is based on factual and established knowledge which is implemented through methodical and clinical investigation., your trusted custom term paper writing company that provides extensive service on anything that is related to academic paper writing.

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Psychoanalysis is a method employed by many psychotherapists in identifying key issues experienced by an individual. There are many techniques employed to facilitate psychoanalysis, and has provided you some of these below, with a basic description for each.

  • Freudian Slips and Mistakes or The Interpretation of Faulty Acts

Simply put, Freudian slips pertain to slip of the tongue for verbal errors. This technique is a concept that is classically psychoanalytical in nature. This refers to the mistakes that an individual makes on his physical action, speech, or even memory. That is, he intends to do one thing and ends up doing another. For many psychotherapists, the Freudian slip occurs when unconscious thought and wishes interfere with an individual’s actions.

  • Anamnesis

This concept was first suggested by the Greek philosopher Plato in his piece, Meno and Phaedo. This concept equates remembering to learning. Aside from its use on psychoanalysis, Anamnesis is also widely used in philosophy, religion and even medicine.

  • Interpretation or Analysis of Symbols

Hermeneutics is the general term used for the practice of interpretation. In psychoanalysis, this is closely related to dream analysis because what professionals attempt to interpret are the symbolisms found in dreams.

  • Dream Analysis or Dream Interpretation

Sigmund Freud published a book that is solely dedicated to the interpretation of dreams. Die Traumdeutung was written in German. Here, he presented his theory that there is a relevant connection between an individual’s unconscious mind and dreams. He also presented that the psychological technique of dream interpretation can outline its significance to the individual.

  • Free Associations Method

This method, which is also developed by the pioneer psychoanalyst Freud, allows an individual to state whatever comes in his mind during the psychoanalytical session. Censorship is discouraged because this technique in psychoanalysis attempts to allow the patient to realize what he thinks or feel, without regard to judgments from others.

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