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Racism is a form of discrimination. The basis of people who express racism towards another is the group or race that one belongs to. There are varied ways of defining racism, but no single definition would be accepted by everyone. The main reason for this is that the basis of discrimination remains ambiguous to many since determining the purity of one’s race is always open for dispute. One of the most common legal definitions of racial discrimination is provided by United Nations or UN. According to the UN, racial discrimination pertains to the exclusion, prohibition, preference or partiality over an individual or a group because of the race, nationality, or descent that he belongs to. Furthermore, UN states that racial impairs the basic human right of being treated with equality. There are different types of racism.

These are: racial discrimination, institutional racism and economic racism. Racial discrimination is a manner of treating an individual differently because of the imposed social division and segregation. Though the term lucidly indicates the role of race in the segregation, this is not the entire limit of which. In fact, some of the researches conducted in the present day have shown that even the sound of names is basis for discrimination, especially if they have a black sounding name.

Racism Research Papers

Meanwhile, institutional racism is best defined as a type of racism that pushes large organizations – such as governments and schools – to deny the provision of extensive and appropriate service to another because of his origin. Finally, economic racism is a form of racism that makes an individual loses his opportunities because of the result of discrimination his ancestors received. Understanding the fundamentals and mechanics of racism is an essential element in writing any type of racism term paper.

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When you begin your research, you will encounter several instances that might be considered as truly bothersome. Even today, when there is extreme effort from all sides to promote equality in gender and ethnicity – racism continues to exist. compiles incidences of racism cases, which can provide you with term paper ideas on how you may explore this controversial term paper topic.

  • Harvard Law student Stephanie Grace is sending emails that states her opinion that White Americans are more intelligent than African Americans
  • In one Walmart store, someone used their Public Address system to say that all black customers must leave the store immediately.
  • Many critics say that the movie Avatar had subtexts implying racism.
  • The continuous existence of racist sites on the internet
  • The remarkably high number of colored Americans (Hispanics or African Americans) in prison, compared with white Americans
  • In music, the use of degrading name calls against the African Americans

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