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Science is defined as knowledge acquired through study, investigation and explanation of any natural phenomenon. It could be natural sciences or social sciences. Natural science is about biology, physics, chemistry and earth sciences. A science research paper has to be written about any of these fields of science. The span and extent of the paper will depend on whether you are at school or college. will most definitely assist you with a Science research paper or any other term paper for that matter.

Steps in Writing a Science Research Paper

A plan is the backbone of a science research paper and largely determines its quality. The plan is not just only a structure of points; it highlights the links between knowledge, research hypotheses, methodology, results, the argument and conclusion. It needs to develop a logical structure with a thread.

Science Research Paper Writing Help

Science Research Paper Writing Help

Initially, students should clarify the message they want to convey (the latter is usually established at the initial research). Depending on the message, it analyzes the evidence and results. The results of research are strong evidence for support claims.

A science research paper is cut into six sections:

1)  Introduction, 2) method 3) results, 4) discussion, 5) conclusion and 6) bibliography.

Below we will discuss separately the six sections.

1. Introduction (about 20% of the text)

The introduction of a paper is used to announce the issue of the study and provide basic information on research and intervention. To do this, the researcher must have a good knowledge of the literature on the subject. Beyond the literature there is discussion that supports more direct study. A comprehensive literature search should be performed (see below) so as to be able to give views divergent if they exist. The introduction is not the place for writing a critical review of the literature, which will be treated as part of the discussion.

2. Methodology (about 20% of the text)

The methodology is the foundation of a scientific research paper. Its relevance and rigor determine the validity of matching results and evidence that they represent. A flawed methodology section can lead to the rejection of the article.

The methodology section should describe how the research was conducted. It provides a portrait of the place (study site) and the period of research, the parameters that were measured (sampling), as methods of analysis (analysis).

3. Results (about 20% of the text)

In this section, the researcher presents the results without making interpretations or analysis (correlations between the data). This presentation of the results should be exclusively in terms of data for supporting the conclusions concerning the objective of the paper. In the results section, it is essential to distinguish between what is needed and what is not. Although the researcher has many data collected during his research, he must stop his momentum diffusion. Adding irrelevant data may be a criterion for rejection or request for corrections. In addition, readers do not want to sort all your data thoroughly. This unnecessarily adds to the text.

4. Discussion (40% of the text)

The discussion is the heart of the paper. It should highlight the importance of results. Thus, in the discussion, the researcher presents the conclusions that can be drawn from results. Through static analysis or logical (in the case of an article related with qualitative research), the researcher highlights the interactions between the results. In drafting this section, each paragraph should refer to a conclusion. It is advisable to start the paragraph with the conclusion that there is follow-up demonstration. In addition, the findings and data should be evaluated in light of existing knowledge. Particular attention should be paid to the review of the literature in the drafting of this section. The researcher must also take the main implications of the findings. Finally, the discussion is the place to discuss the further research needed for the additional and new research hypotheses.

5. Conclusion (about 10% of the text)

As the name implies, this section of the article should summarize the main research findings. Readers use this section to get an idea of the value of an article. In conclusion, the researcher must, again, check the validity of the adequacy between results and the message. Can we really draw such conclusions from results? What evidence do we bring?

6. Bibliography

The sources can be used as part of a scientific article. An academic work or a research report is referred by multiple scientific articles, research reports, submissions to a hearing (e.g. in the office of environmental public hearings – Quebec), documents on a website, articles news and encyclopedias. With the advent of electronics, we can also add the interest groups (listserv), newsgroups (newsgroups), the e-mail, databases, archives, FTP and CD-ROMs.

Tips on Writing a Biology Research Paper

Writing a biology research paper you must remain vigilant about the scientific validity of your references. In the case of reviewed articles (scientific publications with peer review), a committee makes some of the work for you, but be careful, because an article may have methodological shortcomings or interpretations that have not been identified by the editors or publisher. Often, the name of the editor and reputation of the journal are important.

Biology Research Papers

Biology Research Papers

Otherwise, you must judge the credibility of the source. Thus, Newspapers cannot be used to prove a point as you go along, but can support the presentation of the problem, especially in the case of an item analysis. However, this type of source should be avoided in the case of a scientific article; you must return to the source of the information of the journalist. Regarding the Internet, there is information from best to worst, trivial to grandiose. If you are looking for Information to write an academic work, it’s a safe bet that with more or less effort, you will find on the Internet. Anyone, individual, group, institution can edit on the Internet. However, be careful because many websites do not have necessarily a peer, an editor, or editors to make the selection.

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20 Great Biology Research Paper Topics

Below are some good topics on which biology research papers can be prepared:

  • Alternative for the Stem – Science Research Methods
  • Tea of Moringa for Pregnant Women
  • Snow Leopard: Possible Taxonomic Position
  • Global Warming: A Hopeless Cause or a Powerless Regret?
  • Cry of the Cat Syndrome: Needs Thorough Diagnosis
  • Autism and the Link with Vaccines Containing Mercury
  • Coral Reefs Ecosystem
  • The Tragedy of “the House of Commons” and Gaps
  • Milk – How long is the Duration of Conservation?
  • The way Tarantulas Attack and Catch Food
  • Myths about Embryonic Stem Cell Research
  • Biology of the Human Experience
  • Grison / Argument Piebald
  • Merri Moken – Why Antibiotics Stop Working?
  • Inbreeding Depression
  • Variation in Populations
  • Bad Bug: Prevention and Treatment of Bites
  • Working for a Cure for Cancer
  • Overview of Human Cloning
  • Research on Pregnancy for the Male Seahorse

Excellent biology research paper samples

If you browse the web pages, you will notice a large number of companies to research and write providing sample documents on biology for view by students. The real purpose of these sample papers is for students to use the documents to make clear or recreate their level of expertise. helps you find a variety of samples of biology research papers.


Chemistry Research Paper Writing Guidelines

Chemistry Research Paper Writing Help

Chemistry Research Paper Writing Help

A term paper on chemistry is a major academic requirement in a course of chemistry which is usually scheduled for submission at the end of the term and is credited as an important part of the final grade of a student. What is required in a paper on chemistry depends strongly on the academic level of the course. For the high level of school, long term papers on chemistry are required. The requirements are intended to be both broad and simple, but may involve carrying out some experiments to test the chemical phenomena. For example, a chemistry course may require the student to conduct a simple experiment of color pigmentation on the leaves and other vegetable materials improvised in household, and then to explain in an essay how the experience helped students discover where plants get their color from. In higher levels, the student can expect to accomplish more elaborate and delicate experiments involving sensitive equipment such as those in configurations of distillation. Some papers may require an experiment to test or to challenge the chemical myths, such as those regarding the existence of moderately toxic compounds in French fries. In any case, the objective of a chemistry dissertation is to assess the understanding of a student about the concept of chemistry. Our expert term paper writers in have advanced degrees in chemistry and led hundreds of experiences throughout their academic careers. They are exceptionally competent with all equipment of a chemical laboratory and standard protocols, and are highly skilled in the use of the English language to pass and to simplify the explanations of the chemical phenomena.

20 Superb Topics for Your Chemistry Research Paper

There is a list of 20 excellent topics for chemistry research paper in the following section:

  • Careful Practices in the Laboratory: Management of Chemical Hazards.
  • Improving Chemical Laboratory Safety in Developing Countries
  • Medical Isotope Creation without Highly Enriched Uranium
  • Phthalates and Cumulative Risk Assessment
  • Ultrafast Chemical Separations
  • Acute Exposure Guideline Levels
  • Bio-inspired Chemistry for Energy
  • International Benchmarking of Chemical Engineering Research Competitiveness
  • Plutonium:  World’s Most Treacherous Element
  • Bio-toxin Detector Litmus Paper
  • Validation of Toxic Genomic Technologies
  • Sustainability in the Chemical Industry:  Requires Grand Challenges and Research
  • Chemical Communication in a Post-Genomic World
  • Health and Medicine: What are the Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century?
  • Need More Innovation, Less Basic Research in the Chemical Sciences
  • Away from the Molecular Frontier: Challenges for Chemistry and Chemical Technology
  • Chemical Reference Materials: Confirming the Standards for Ocean Science
  • Carbon Management: Implications for Research and Development in the Chemical Sciences
  • Enhancing Research Potentials in Chemical and Biomedical Sciences
  • Analytical Chemistry Practices to the Studies of Oceanic Carbon Cycle

Good Chemistry Research Paper Examples

It is a little tough to find good samples on chemistry. One must sort out good ones from a huge list of reference. Usually, most of the students get the topic in advance for term papers and wait until the last minute before the research can be started. It is then that the complete dependence on the wrappers of the sample comes into play. The student must know that the purpose behind the writing of term paper samples is to encourage you to buy what they have arranged. A prudent student is not obliged to pay for a sample paper. We can suggest for getting ready samples on chemistry.


Some Ideas for Physics Research Paper Writing

Physics Research Paper Writing

Physics Research Paper Writing

Physics is anything but a conceptual subject. Everything regarding the study of physics has a practical purpose. For those of us who are interested in matter-of-fact (mind practice), just knowing that physics has practical applications – and can help us in our daily life, in one way or another – can instantly peak their interest in the subject. Remember, all learned in physics is designed to help you to be either able to do certain things, or to understand how things work. In fact, persons without some understanding of physics are strongly altered in their understanding of the world and the realities of the world. Ideas for physics research paper writing are blowing everywhere. You just have to pick the right one.

Topics for Your Physics Research Paper to Choose From

Here is a list of 20 excellent topics for physics research papers:

  • Boundaries in Crystalline Matter: From Discovery to Technology
  • Concentrated -Matter and Materials Physics: The Science of the World We See
  • Plasma Science
  • Controlling the Quantum World
  • Frequency Allotments and Spectrum Protection for Scientific Uses
  • Disclosing the Secret Nature of Space and Time
  • The Quantum Zoo
  • Schroedinger’s Rabbits: The Many Worlds of Quantum
  • Plasma Physics of the Local Cosmos
  • Opportunities in High Magnetic Field Science
  • Naval Hydrodynamics
  • Neutrinos and Beyond: New Look on Nature
  • Boundaries in Physics of High Energy Density
  • Connecting Quarks with the Cosmos
  • An Overview of the Physics in a New Era
  • Applications of Artificially Structured Epitaxial Materials for Future Optics, Electronics and Quantum Physics
  • Gravitational Physics: Discovering Space and Time Structure
  • Nuclear Physics: The Core of Matter, The Fuel of Stars
  • Primary-Particle Physics: Unveiling  the Secrets of Energy and Matter
  • Harnessing Light: An Overview on Optical Science and Engineering for the 21st Century

Check Out Our Physics Research Paper Samples

It is comparatively tough to prepare research paper on applied or advanced physics than other technical subjects. It requires sharpness of the information and precise evidence. A sample research paper on physics may help a lot to get a start of new research paper for an apprentice. has gathered a lot of samples of physics research papers from which one can get an idea on the structure of it.


Before You Start Your Medical Research Paper

Medical Research Papers

Medical Research Papers

Medical research paper writing is not a simple task as it requires each detail to be watched closely and ethics must be taken into consideration. Medical research paper must be stable and investigation of the individual must be juxtaposed with a theoretical framework. But you can find a solace in the fact that all the hard work was done by other researchers. Therefore it is not necessary to allow you to burn the midnight oil in the library to write a medical research paper. You are also not required to take a new problem, because it is the purpose of long dissertations. A paper on medical research indicates the problem and continues to solve it by referring to the documents which have already been published. Analyze and make your own decision. But it takes a lot toil and moil during the writing of medical research for the development of a structured document.

Some Popular Medical Research Paper Topics

  • Development of HIV Vaccine
  • The Dark Side of Alcoholism
  • Does Euthanasia Conform Medical Ethics?
  • Life Expectancy Factors
  • Effects of Gestational Diabetes in Children
  • Occupational Hypochondria
  • Goiter Due to Iodine Deficiency
  • “Awareness”- A Common Solution for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Swine Flu: Causes, Effects and Prevention
  • Therapies for Persons with Dementia
  • The Sensitivity of Toxins in Children
  • Personal Discipline to Protest Kidney Failure
  • Fighting Childhood Obesity
  • Organ Transplant Rejection
  • Acupuncture in Sports Medicine
  • Anorexia Nervosa in Adolescent Girls
  • Breast Cancer May Arise From the Lack of Breast Feeding
  • Hemorrhage into the Brain
  • Ethnic Differences in Health
  • Aspects of Women Receiving a Mammogram

Great Medical Research Paper Samples from CustomEssayPapers.Com has a big collection of samples of great medical research papers. You will find a variety of samples here and can have a complete idea on how medical research papers are formally written. The collection has been made on importance and variety basis.


What does writing a Science research paper entail?

Choose the field you want to write about.
Choose whether you want to write a descriptive paper or a research sort of paper.
Check out all resources available and carefully evaluate all information.
Verify all evidences and facts.
Decide on a catchy title for your Science research paper.
A science research paper requires images and diagrams.
Remember to try a new topic, something which intrigues the reader.
Use the format which is required by your school or college.

Professional help with Science research paper writing

Science has a wide range of variety under its concern. It discusses on human physiology and psychology, plants, animals, astrology and what is not. Science is absolutely many-sided and complex. And there is no scope for shadowy and imaginative information here. That is why, when you go for writing a research paper on science it is better to take help from professionals. has a group of expert writers on each branch of science to help you in your way to write a professional and well versed research paper.

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